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v4 nH Chimy Avila returns, the 'Houdini' of hell - The Times Hub

Chimy Avila returns, the 'Houdini' of hell

Chimy Avila returns, the 'Houdini' of hell

A person who knows Chimy Ávila (Rosario, Argentina; 29 years old) intimately tells that every time the footballer enters a room or shares an open space with other people, he records each and every one of the movements as the one who watches from the trench. And that, of course, that way of scrutinizing has an origin: Empalme Graneros, the neighborhood northwest of Rosario in which the Osasuna striker was forged, recovered for the Rojilla cause and that of football after 421 days in the dry dock and two cruciate ligament tears, one per leg. Thirteen months later, doubly replenished, the guerrilla asks for passage and this Saturday (18:30, Movistar) appears again on the list of summons for the duel against Huesca.

Chimy, blow by blow 'Chimy Ávila, a Kun with bad uva ', by S. SEGUROLA

“Look askance at everything that happens, but it is logical. It comes from where it comes from, out of nowhere, so get your instincts out. He often says, 'I've had to dribble bullets, and that's harder than dribbling defenses. Soccer is the easy thing, the difficult thing is the bullets, ”says this voice as Chimy escapes from the umpteenth hell, the latter in the form of that double crack that burst his knees —first the left and then the right— and got him off the showcase when his street game had hooked Sadar and seduced LaLiga. Little thing, in any case, for someone who has seen them in all colors. Black, black, actually, until one day his current manager, Jorge Bicilic, crossed his path and took the boy out of that nowhere.

“We are talking about a very extreme situation, beyond what people can imagine. He was very lost, fat and had broken teeth, but he was very good, ”says his close friend. “Once, when I was 12 years old, I was going to play a cadet final and came to the game riding on a donkey, undressed and without shoes, only with shorts. In the end they loaned him the clothes, he scored both 2-0 goals and went home. ”

Fortunately, then the progression would come, the ball in the form of a rescue. He took off soccer in San Lorenzo (2015-2017) and then the opportunity would come for Huesca (17-19), before the jump to Osasuna. In his first year in Pamplona, he fascinated for five months – nine goals and three assists in 20 games – until when he went to pressure, during a home game against Levante, on January 23, 2020, his left joint broke in dry . Later, when he already saw the light at the end of the tunnel, in a maneuver during a pre-season training (September 9) the right also told him enough just before the league premiere in Cádiz.

The misfortune was not accidental. The answer is genetics. Both his father, who still works as a bricklayer today, and his brother Gastón, a left-handed defender from Rosario Central today, suffered an identical injury. Carambola of life, the Chimy broke for the first time the day his brother returned to the green and the second the same date that a close friend's crusader was split in two. “Mentally, it was a delicate moment. He has gone through delicate moments, and more considering that it happens to someone with an energy like yours, because it is a cyclone ”, they transmit from Osasuna.

Let no one fear: he is a gifted physicist. He's running at 34 km / h

In any case, despite the reiteration of the misfortune and the magnitude of the slump, it lasted very little, according to a source very close to the forward transmitting: "He was a shit the first week, but as soon as he gets on there is no one stop ”. Chimy has no time to complain, who repeats: "I'd rather have scars than intact skin because I'm cowardly." So as soon as he was operated on for the second time by the traumatologist Andrés Valentí, at the University of Navarra Clinic, he started up again following the guidelines of the head of Osasuna's medical services, Dr. Andrés Fernández, and especially those of your trusted personal retriever.

It comes from where it comes from, so it usually says: 'football is easy, not bullets'

In mid-February, the Argentine began training with the rest of the group and has progressively increased the workload. “The challenge this second time was to come back faster, more agile, with more jump and more resistant. Train like an animal. He is hypercompetitive, a beast ”, they indicate from the center in which he completes the recovery. "Is your career at risk? Let no one fear at all. Physically, the Chimy is a gifted of nature. It comes standard. He is doing the same or better values than before the injury, running at 34 kilometers per hour. When you challenge him, he is unstoppable. ”

Ávila is so strong that, recently, he collided with his partner Juan Cruz and sent him to the hospital for being hit on the shoulder. “Stop, Chimy, stop!” Is frequently heard at the Tajonar facilities, where the battering ram has been seen during the process wearing a black suit with sensors, in order to study its accelerations, footfalls and maneuvers in three dimensions. Now, Jagoba Arrasate has it at his disposal again and he squeezes and squeezes to enter the green as soon as possible, although the coach is considering giving it flight after the upcoming break.

Last season, until the 9th was injured , Osasuna he averaged 1.3 goals per game; then it dropped to 1; and this year it has suffered a little more (0.8), the Navarrese having signed a single goal in the last four games despite the fact that the club made a significant financial effort last summer to recruit Croatian Budimir (6 goals) and Argentine Calleri (4), the latter with a profile more similar to his, "clever, rogue and bastard" wherever he goes, dynamic and fierce like few others on the green. A purebred scorer , as transmitted from the entity: “Because beyond what he runs, he knows how to play and interpret. Combine, hit him with fear with both legs and let off steam, he occupies the spaces perfectly. He brings much more than grit. ”

Inside the house, he took refuge in his wife María — whom he met when he was 14 years old — and his two daughters, Eluney and Shoemi, as well as in his agent Jorge; On the phone with his partner Pervis Estupiñán (now at Villarreal) and in the locker room he shares confidences with Roncaglia, while the hard core accepts some extravagances because he perfectly understands his origins and forgives the statement that he would have signed for Barcelona if that first one had not been broken. time. The recurring changes of high-end cars or the purchase of horses no longer attract the attention of someone who has been hungry and today he continues to send money to his family in Empalme Graneros on time, calling them daily and who copes with misery like him. great Houdini: escaping again and again.


Before the crash in El Alcoraz, Arrasate appreciated the return of Chimy, although he asked for caution. “His best version will come with sessions and minutes of competition. He still lacks, we have to be cautious, but as he is better we have put him. On Thursday there is a [friendly match against Eibar in Mondragón] that will be better for him, "he said." He is not in his best version and he will not be the savior of anything, "the Biscayan coach added. “We have to lower the expectation, it is not good to burden him with responsibility and it is not fair either. I understand what his return means and I am glad that the fans are excited, but we have to be cautious ”, concluded Arrasate, happy to be able to count on the South American gunner again.

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