Chimpanzee toil for the power of social security – vcheni

Chimpanzee toil for the power of social security – vcheni

Chimpanzees are in charge of social security

Creatures are actually continue to fight with each other on a distance that reaches more than one kilometer.

The students from the University of St. Experts say chimpanzees are building social networks, write the Daily Mail.

Zokrema, male chimpanzees hover around for an hour, and if you go, you won’t say goodbye, even if you don’t need to be timid, because the creatures actually continue to communicate with each other on the road, which many kilometers can reach

Chimpanzees, if on their own, if they hang out with a small number of relatives, drum. To convey the stench of vicarious, majestic roots of trees in tropical forests and tapping, which guess Morse code. The sounds of tapping on the roots of tropical trees spread for a sprat of kilometers, and the drum rhythms are like chimpanzee's accompaniments. In the forests of Uganda, for example, there are individuals who seem to have a steady rhythm, similar to rock music, and yet, to roar the ruh minlivim – more similar to jazz.