Chile: They are looking for a criminal who cheats and drugs elderly people to rob them

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There are already more than ten similar complaints in the Viña del Mar resort

Chile: Looking for a criminal who cheats and drugs old people to rob them


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Chile: they are looking for a criminal who cheats and drugs elderly people to rob them

In the tourist city of Viña del Mar these events are taking place and are being investigated by the police. (Credit: Prensa Sernatur)

Chilean authorities are looking for a woman accused of stalking and drugging elderly people and then stealing money from them.

According to radio Cooperativa, the woman pretends to be a health official and “intercepts or visits” the homes of older adults in the city of Viña del Mar, located 120 kilometers from Santiago, specifically in the Miraflores Alto sector.

One ​​of the victims is a woman from 86 ​​years old who was intercepted by the suspect in the middle of a public road. The victim's grandson, Ronald Molina, explained the situation that affected her relative and that everything was revealed when her father found her decompensated.

“Convulsing, unconscious, all urinated… he took her to the hospital. At first we didn't know what was wrong with her. Since he was an older adult, we thought he had a decompensation, but when he came home after being hospitalized, he found everything on the floor, everything moved, they had opened his closet and he realized he was missing money.”

< p class="paragraph">The next day, according to the grandson, his grandmother woke up and stammered “talked about a woman” who told him that “she was going to give him a bonus, that she was going to help him with the bonus for the elderly and that it was 800 thousand pesos ( USD 905) that were for her.”

The brazenness of the suspicion is such that in the victim's house both “had tea together. They did a drug test and it came out positive. Carabineros reportedly told the family that there would be “many complaints, more than 10″.

What is known about the woman

Cooperative reported that a neighbor of the sector provided information on the appearance of the suspect.

“The two were arm in arm talking with masks. And she was a woman, what little I could see, that the woman was very well dressed, like in an office suit. Reddish tones, like that, and black hair, straight, well combed”. Before the attack, they both spent “looking at the gardens, and I could never have imagined that her neighbor did not know her and that she was such a miserable person to say the least”.

Since Carabineros informed, more than one complaint of this type has been received. “We maintain some complaints regarding older adults who have been victims of the crime of theft, regarding situations that have been generated as a result of attendance at Family Health Centers, specifically in this case Miraflores Alto,” said Commander Ingeborg Villa.< /p>

The police institution clarified that “we have had the complaints that relate, due to the story given by the victims, that (an alleged) health personnel comes to visit them at their homes, or who intercept them as they leave, posing as health officials and, obviously, later they have no memory of what happens.”

The Prosecutor's Office is waiting for them to decree errands to go after this woman. This case is added to another that occurred in Viña del Mar and that has to do with another woman who drugged and stole species from an 81-year-old victim. This suspect is currently in preventive detention.

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