Chile: telephone recordings were released showing how two police officers covered up a gang that carried out million-dollar robberies

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The two carabinieri will be tried together with the rest of the twenty-member gang

Chile: telephone recordings were released showing how two police officers covered up a gang that carried out million-dollar robberies


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Chile: telephone recordings were released showing how two policemen covered up a gang that carried out millionaire robberies

Part of what seized from this gang that had been operating since 2020 in Santiago de Chile. (Image Twitter: @Fisc_Occidente)

A journalistic report revealed the content of telephone calls involving two former Chilean police officers in million-dollar robberies.

< p class="paragraph">It all arose between 2020 and 2021 when a vast network of assailantsHe carried out robberies at the branches of the Los Héroes Compensation Fund, a Movistar store, an Afex office in Santiago de Chile. In one of these crimes, the gang obtained a booty of $900 million (USD 972,000) in cash.

Non-commissioned officer Gabriel Vega Vergara and First Corporal Jesús Parra Castillo are accused of lending an eventual coverage for the band led by Víctor Osses Mancilla and Rodrigo Troncoso Molina. The first of them is the one who maintained direct contact with the former police officers.

On September 23, 2020, there was a first notice that alerted the authorities of an alleged link between criminals and the police. This happened thanks to a contact between the sister-in-law of the leader, Víctor Eduardo Osses Mancilla, and a friend. What the woman did not know is that her phone was being tapped by the Investigative Police (PDI).

—Sister-in-law: (In the assault) there were several of them, because they all did a different job. You'll laugh your ass off with the names they have. There is Fibra…

—Friend: Fibra hahaha, that one must be skinny.

—Sister-in-law: Nooo, Fiber is the one that cuts your cameras, there is Security and that's how I keep adding. Hey, but that hueá is so shady, because they even work with the cops (carabineros) (…) They pay a shady cop to do the trick as a distraction and so they don't get to the robbery request, cachai. I was left with my mouth open when I understood that there were pacos involved, because, suppose you, these take what they take out and the pacos receive the half chew, just for being the ones who take care that they don't get there.

From the Chilean prosecutor's office they explained that the clues they found with these former police officers were given by the members of the gang themselves, who “boasted that they were never going to be arrested, since they acted in collusion with the officials.” The prosecutor, Sergio Soto, explained that the police “were absolutely loyal, because (the assailants) gave them sums of money in the same amount that they were entitled to for the robberies.”

Chile: telephone recordings were released showing how two police officers covered up a gang that carried out million-dollar robberies

The detainees did everything possible to hide their identity. This Wednesday they will face justice. (Photo Twitter: @Fisc_Occidente)

This was revealed thanks to a second content revealed by the BioBioChile Investigation Unit, a contact between the second leader of the gang, Rodrigo Troncoso Molina, and his father.

—The huéon (carabinero) is the boss there, of the culiá commune next door, we can do whatever we want being with him, the huéon gave us the green light… We gave the man fifty-odd millions, the same as everyone else. He went crazy when we passed him the money. He said, “Oooh, I thought they weren't going to do the legal part for me.” But we are of our word, we are polished bandits. Paco liked it, he knows that with us he will win.

More background

In the band, not everything went smoothly with the policemen. After the robbery at a mobile phone branch, Rodrigo Troncoso contacted a close friend, Hans Elphick Del Valle, where they propose not to hand over part of the loot to non-commissioned officer Gabriel Vega Vergara.

—Rodrigo: You know that in the paco's bag there are almost all redmi, all cheap asshole phones and like two high-end ones.

—Hans: Then pass me those nails, brother. And he was the paco culiao, by the peak. (…) It was just. And the paco is left without a part just po, terrible logi (…) The paco culiao did nothing brother, did you see that hueón walking outside?

—Rodrigo: Nothing, if I'm alive, he didn't do anything brother. Because the madman kicked us anyway (he alerted him) that he saw our cars, brother (…) Did I know what the paco is doing now? He is not doing the same as in Los Héroes (previous robbery), the paco now tells us “they are kicking, come out”, or “just give it color”, but the madman is not with the police station. He is terrible, Brigido.

It is expected that this Wednesday the 22 detainees will face justice for repeated robberies, illicit association, reception, violation of the arms control law and money laundering. The former petty officer will face charges for this latest crime for having acquired, allegedly with the money that the criminals gave him, a 2020 Ford Edge van worth $18 million (USD 19,440). The police officers were discharged from the institution.

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