Children’s clothing is essential, says PQ

Children’s clothing is essential, says PQ

After receiving numerous complaints in this regard, the Parti Québécois asks the Legault government to see children’s clothing as an essential good, just like food.

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“Children’s clothing is not easy to buy online. People are having trouble getting it. Boots, winter coats … There are several types of children’s clothing that you cannot simply buy online, you have to try them on, you have to see if it fits, ”explains the PQ chief. , Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

It was following several testimonies, in particular from parents who had to send their children to school without boots because they were unable to get them, that he wanted to point out the problem to the CAQ.

“Obviously the government has underestimated this need for families, there is a pervasive problem. You just have to treat it like a grocery store: it’s true that we could order everything online, but we allow groceries because we consider that the choice of food is an essential service ”, affirms Mr. St-Pierre. Plamondon.

But this permission, if granted, should not only benefit big box stores, he warns. Small Quebec children’s clothing stores and thrift store sections reserved for this clientele must also reopen.

In addition, the leader of the PQ would like the premier of Quebec to give a clear directive concerning school materials. According to testimonies from parents with whom he conversed, there would be some confusion at this level in several businesses.

“That also complicates the life of parents,” he says. We do not need a big decree, but simply a clearer directive from the government that the school materials section must remain open. This is not the case everywhere. ”

Questioned on this subject, the Legault government affirmed through the director of communications of the Ministry of the Economy, Mathieu St-Amand, that it was going to check with stakeholders in the field whether it is indeed a stake.

“This is why we announced, on January 6, that door-to-door pick-up is now permitted. It is a solution which has worked so far and which has been praised by all traders, ”one indicates.

“Now, for the specific issue of children’s clothing, we are going to contact the various groups of merchants to find out if it is an issue that they are also seeing. If necessary, we will adjust, as we have been doing since the start of the pandemic. “

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