Children are tormented by the fact that the father has a daily fantasy (photo)

Children are tormented by the fact that the father has a daily fantasy (photo)

Children are tormented by the fact that their father's day-to-day fantasy (photo)

Photo: Suspіlne Zaporizhzhya

Yuriya and Lyudmila Nadtokіv three girls call the same — Maria.

"Three Marys. Persha was born, we її in honor of the grandmother named Mary. Druga was born on Pokrov. They named Mary. And then, after a river and three months, another Mary was born. Senior — Marusya, middle — Lyalya, and little Unya, Unechka,” the fathers said to Suspilny.

All three Marys watch the taekwondo section and already build hedges. Batko, who gave a lot of time to football and boxing in his youth, was widely motivated by his sporting successes. Elder Maria — champion of Ukraine in taekwondo at her vase, middle — champion of the championship “Children of Ukraine”

Young blues show strength before football.

"I am glad to all my children. I love everyone else, stinks are dearer to me. My elders — two little girls, I really wanted a boy. So I checked and worried, I was a boy, navit, I didn’t go for an ultrasound scan, until I gave birth. I once named Yura in honor of the father, and tsikh small — in honor of the teachers",— like mother Lyudmila Nadtoka.

The system of fostering at home is simple — all the children should be able to roam in a herd.

Great donkey, in which the homeland lives — from the non-residential fund of the place. Six rokіv knocked down the thresholds of the vladnih kabіnetіv, rozpovidaє Yury, and zreshtoy brought respect to them. From an unplanned accommodation, the grown-ups themselves built a six-room apartment. Biggest in niy — sports and gaming. Now it’s necessary to remind us of sports equipment, like a father:

"They gave us uninhabitable accommodation, like in the city. We’zdili — one went wrong. Less quadrature is not possible. I knew. So here is Bulo — no vicon, nothing. We bought it.

Torik Lyudmila was awarded the honorable title of “Mother Heroine”. You can choose your future children yourself, it seems like fathers.

But they won’t tell you, because all stinks will be a sports car, even if they’re broken: sports — beauty, healthy’I, dynamic and beautiful life.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich