Chihuahua learned to ride a skateboard and surprised social networks

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Chihuahua learned to skateboard and surprised social media

Photo: Mikako Maki/CATERS NEWS

< p>Chihuahua from Japan has captivated social media users with her skateboarding skill, writes Mirror. The pet goes for walks only with a board and she rarely walks with her paws.

48-year-old Mikako Maki introduced the dog Papiko to a skateboard when the chihuahua was only a few months old. The woman said that the pet immediately demonstrated talent by climbing onto the board.

"Papiko herself got up on skateboard, and then started jumping on the moving board", — recalls Mikako.

According to the Japanese woman, when people see her dog riding, they smile and take pictures of her pet. In addition, Maki maintains accounts on social networks, where he regularly posts frames with Papiko.

"I'm so happy that my dog ​​can make people happy, so shoot her on skateboard&mdash ; this is great", — a woman commented.

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