Chi will be war between Serbia and Kosovo

Chi will be war between Serbia and Kosovo

As the Russian-Ukrainian war is pouring into the position of Pristina and Belgrade />

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The end of last week seemed to be troublesome for the inhabitants not only of the Western Balkans, but also of the European powers. The cordons of Kosovo and Serbia again smell of gunpowder, Serbian barricades and Kosovo special forces have appeared.

Just 11 months ago, in spring 2021, the situation is getting worsewas provoked by the decision of the official Pristina to pass from 1 set of additional documents for the Kosovo Serbs, so as not to file documents in Kosovo, and replace the car numbers. An important note: the decision was based on the principle of reciprocity.

The th time has passed. Timchasovo. The Kosovo detachment has only just made a decision before the 1st of April, and Serbia has not yet pushed the army to the cordon. An important role in normalizing the situation was played by the diplomats of the USA and the EU, the KFOR command (international forces for NATO security for security ).

Keep a natural diet – why are the minicrises systematically blamed between the two countries for threatening the stability of the region and Europe? Let's talk about some reasons.

Forgetting to explain. As for the rest of the festivities between Belgrade and Pristina, then in the first half of the middle of the reasons I put the bi prorahunka premier of Kosovo Albina KurtiI'll do yoga. Having told in the first few days of lime about the holding of fortune-telling visits, the government then forgot about it. Prior to that, the Brussels lands of 2013 were passed on like this. An hour later, the crisis showed: next, a large-scale rose’clarification campaign was carried out, especially in Serbian regions. If so, it would be suitable on the following aspects: Kosovo to carry out visits from the replacement of car numbers and the provision of additional personal documents on the basis of the principle of reciprocity, at the same in Serbia; Serbs who import goods will be exempt from payment of mitnih taxes; The operation is not going to feed the Serbian identity. But there were no such explanations.

Then Belgrade held a series of rallies , on which it was argued that the operation was planned, it still resembles the idea of ​​u200bu200bcreating Association of Serbian provinces of Kosovo (ASO)and surround the rights of the Kosovo Serbs. There were a few provocative speeches of Serbian politicians, which were promoted by radicals – Great Serbs. And in some Serbian areas, already before the day, 31 limes from & #8217; appeared bіlbordi (English language!) – “You in & #8217; went to ASO” and “Don’t give up, KіM is over” (Kosovo and Metohija – that’s how they still call Serbia Kosovo). Having established them, it was unreasonable …

Zabuta ASO. Well, let's talk about the global causes that give rise to crisis after crisis in the cities of Kosovo and Serbia, then the problem of Association can be boldly put in the first place. The creation, like a singing form of Serbian autonomy in Kosovo, was carried over by the already foretold Brussels lands. The term for the adoption of the appointed decree was introduced’dnannya – 2015 r_k.

Ale was gone: not fixed at the ASO’s decision Kosovarithey did not hurry to win favor; the Serbian government began to win the ASO for political purposes and political auctions in Kosovo; insignificance served the interests of Serbian and Kosovo-Albanian criminals; ЄС at that period, having raised an interest in the Western Balkans. In this way, the implementation of the project could become one of the most important steps in direct normalization of water between the two countries …

Pardons and pardons for Sunset.Minіkrizi є naslidkom rakhunkіv politiki Sunset in the region, the European Union and deyakyh leaders. Having taken to the UN the settlement of one of the most important European problems (at that time) – the achievement of mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia. При цьому Брюссель разом із Ангелою Меркель та Еммануелем Макроном захопилися ініціюванням різних багатосторонніх ініціатив — «Берлінський процес», «Відкриті Балкани», «Міні-Шенген» тощо, спрямованих на розвиток регіонального співробітництва, відсунувши на периферію вирішення питання взаємного визнання Белграда і Приштини. Wanting to rozmo navkolko tsієї those bulo chimalo.

It’s not like the world was wrong about the fact that in the context of Kosovo-Serbia, the skin problem suddenly became political– chi it will be mutually recognized, telephone calls, cordons, recognition of diplomas about education, car numbers and then. Such a situation required a negainny vtruchannia EU and the US, but on the first month, the rich-sided anti-spying in the region was denounced as the culmination of the Kosovo-Serbian food.

Russian darling. In the middle of the initiation of minicrisis in the Kosovo-Serbian waters, Moscow took its fate. The Kremlin itself is sticking out of Vučić's politics, which is no bit heavy over the region. This is a great amount of ammunition, as it was recently delivered to Serbia. The whole “success” of the president in terms of good prices for Russian gas. Tse i pіdtrimka u vіdomosti Vučič idey grekoserbstva v suchasnіy obgortsі “Serbian world”. The whole radicalization of Serbian society, as shown by the appearance of a new edition of the old verse – “Kosovo is Serbia, denazification is imminent.” True, do you know the motives?

Replying to this, the ardent Serbian president, on the eve of the 31st day, spoke out with promos about the defense of the Kosovo Serbs, be it by some means that the Serbs will inevitably win. And not less than a hot premier of Kosovo, having started a business without consulting a colleague, as if they were transferring the Brussels lands.

One more moment is significant, and there are some explanations from the rest of the discussions. Ahead of the low Internet and social networks of Russia and Serbia, although the problems of the Western Balkans did not intersect, they began to raptomly cross over into the waters of Kosovo and Serbia. Some called out to rally against the Kosovo Serbs, while others called out to “bury the Kosovars to the ground.” Poshuk dzherel tsikh provocative publications showing that a bunch of stink z’ were on the websites and in chat rooms of Russian and Serbian radical groups.

Internal officials. The systematic nature of mini-crises, the similarity of the scenarios and the repetition of the participants create an effect that these crises are blamed not without the direct participation of the leaders of Kosovo and Serbia, as they try to overcome their internal problems.

Belgrade, as long as we are on the path of European integration, aggravating the situation, ask Brussels to remove we can about obov’clear recognition of Kosovo as the head of the mind of EU membership, — even Pristina itself nibito the government's various provocations. The situation is serious, the Serbian leaders continue, so there is no need for vimagati in Serbia at the same time to work vibir between the European Union and friendship with Moscow.

accept the country in the international organization (on the back of the Interpol, and there in the UN), defend the shards against the provocations of Belgrade. І to strengthen the position there, carry out spirnі actions.

Ukrainian official. The war of Russia against Ukraine, especially with the ear of large-scale aggression, pouring into the waters of Belgrade and Pristina . And not only in the fact that, as if not correctly saying about Vučić: saying, they throw at me that I am copying Putin, and Kurt – Zelensky.

Russia is no longer able to support Vucic, as before, I will forgive that sin. That іz cheap gas is not so simple. It looks like the Kremlin is starting to “throw” Belgrade. Not up to nothing. And here is Zahid Dedali stronger pressure on Serbia and urged to come to anti-Russian sanctions. With every step, step by step, helping Kosovo build up its army. Yak in Ukraine – small, ale modern.

Usіh praise food – why is not Serbia, behind the Russian butt, aggression against Kosovo?It is possible to say with conviction – no, the remnants of the Serbian army will have a chance to get in touch with the KFOR military, that is NATO, which is not under force. That war is not needed by Serbian or Kosovo elites, as they have not forgotten the last of the rest of the war in the region.

War is needed only by Russia, more than anyone. There are two reasons for this:

the first – in times of guilt between Kosovo and Serbia, respect for the world to switch from Ukraine to the Western Balkans. Possibly;

a friend — war, її pinned, heritage can become a coin for Moscow in the context of aggression against Ukraine — moving, mi (Russia) will calm Serbia, and you will change Ukraine in time for the annexation of Donbas and Crimea.

І all the same rethink the conflict – military-political – did not weaken, and escalation can become a legacy of a complex of direct and indirect causes. Oh, chimalo. In the judicial Bosnia and Herzegovina, the situation is escalating again, – Putin's friend Milorad Dodik, reiterating the imminence of the withdrawal of the Republika Srpska from B&H. The leader of the Bosnian Croats, Dragan Covic, said that it was necessary to create a third, Croatian entity, which would be superb for Dayton. Not everything is calm near the sudan Chornogoriy tezh, and the Chergovy ryadov crisis is approaching. But the best option is like Belgrade and Pristina for the mediation of the EU and the USA, there is no way out of the situation that has developed, and the escalation is growing more and more, the region will again turn into a foothold of small wars of small lands. the end of Kosovo and Serbia will still be continued, an active search for the possibility of resuming negotiations for the active participation of the European Union and the United States will be renewed, as if on 31 st. And Vučić as much as possible sounds the ability to maneuver between Sunset and Retreat. There is no place for Russia here.

Ukraine is the very hour to announce the process of official expulsion of Kosovo, which in the world of its forces is helping us in the fight against the Russian aggressor. And now you will signify your diplomatic presence in Pristina, which will serve as a single sound policy for the European Union.