Chevrolet introduced the new Colorado with a “turbo-four”

Chevrolet introduced the new Colorado with a “turbo-four”

The new pickup has removed three retro versions, a camera under the bottom and a 27 cm clearance.

Chevrolet introduced new Colorado with

Chevrolet has officially unveiled a new generation of midsize Colorado pickup trucks. The car has taken a redesigned design, new solutions in the interior and a non-alternative turbo engine like the Silverado. Usy for pickup – chotiri vikonannya, middle yakah – extreme version. The sales of the door-door novelty will rise with a short vantage platform in the USA on the cob of offensive rock. Variant of the updated Colorado vote later.

Chevrolet Reveals New Colorado with Turbo-Four

The new Chevrolet Colorado is a ceramic pickup truck with an independent front suspension and a non-split bridge on the springs at the rear. At any rate, it was modernized – it was made to look better and better.

Colorado with “turbo-four” />

Colorado is now promoted only with a noble cabin and a single option for a vantage platform – the choice of expanding the vantage maidanchik and the cabin’s back is no longer rebuffed.

Chevrolet unveiling new Colorado with turbo four

Then, for the model, three custom modifications are now available: Z71, Trail Boss and ZR2. Їх vіdmіnnostі polagatі vіdnії vіdmіnnostі vіd vіdmіnnosti road svіtu, nalashtuvannyah pіdvіski, wheels vіdmіnnostі vіdnogo bumper. Ground clearance in the fallow variant of the warehouse is 227 to 272 mm, in the outside – from 29.1 to 38.3 degrees, and the remaining two versions are equipped with a differential, which is self-locking, on the rear axle.

Chevrolet Reveals New Colorado with Turbo-Four

Moreover, the previous versions have a system for selecting modes of movement, which are recognized for shifting on cross and stony stone, as well as for the helpless water assistants.

The length of the new Colorado reaches 5411 mm on a 3338 mm wheelbase (+79 mm). The vantage windshield has a large loop for fixing the vantage, a 110-volt socket, “rails” for transporting bicycles, a latch of the intermediate position on the board, which can be seen, and a hermetic cooling of the windshield with a depth of 10 centimeters.

Chevrolet Reveals New Colorado with 'Turbo-Four'

The saloon now has an 11.3-inch multi-media touchscreen and an 8-inch digital control panel, which are already available as standard. The pickup is equipped with ten on-board cameras, one of which is located under the bottom and helps with the passage of folding trucks on the road. This camera is included up to the Desert Boss option package, which consists of a special front bumper, wheels with beadlocks, arcs behind the cab and floodlights.