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Cherkasy “Khatiko” found a new family: he waited 8 years for his dead owner

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Mar17,2024

>> /p> Cherkasy “Khatiko”/BBC

The Cherkasy “khatiko” is nicknamed Rex. For 8 years, he came to the bank of the Dnieper every day and waited for his dead owner.

One day Rex was picked up by volunteers and treated for 2 months. This is stated in the material of the Ukrainian service of the BBC.

After many tests, it turned out that as a result of the transferred Lyme disease, the dog developed inflammation of the joints and otitis. Currently, the four-legged man is much better, but his hearing has not returned.

Despite his advanced age, acquired and suffered diseases, the furry one managed to find a new family.

First of all, it was a decision moms He says: this is our dog, we must take him, he had such a fate…” – says the new owner of the dog Evgenia.

She learned about Rex's search for a new family from social networks.

They gave him a second chance, a second life, they put in the effort and it can be seen from the dog itself. It is very difficult to adopt such a dog. And Rex, he drew a lucky ticket, says volunteer Serhiy Zaliznyak.

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Natasha Kumar

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