Chergi at Schipgol: Mandrillers don’t get on litaki, KLM said over 30 flights

Chergi at Schipgol: Mandrillers don’t get on litaki, KLM said over 30 flights

Churgy at Schipgol: Mandrills don't get on litaks, KLM blew over 30 flights

The Dutch airline KLM claimed another 34 flights through marriage to personnel and the interest of the airport “Schipgol”.

Ukrіnform informs us about what was sent to NOS.

We've been informed that KLM is claiming 34 more flights that were due to depart from Schipgol airport on Saturday.

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It is important that such airlines are involved in the best solutions for Schipgol airport to be allowed to 9250 mandrіvniki in less vilіtati days through marriage to the staff for the second month.

KLM is not happy with the fact that Schipgol is less likely to say on Friday that he can not serve a large number of passengers, as if they were booking in Amsterdam Saturday, a week and a Monday.

As I reminded Ukrіnform, in the airport of Amsterdam “Skhіpgol” there are a lot of blacks, so you can spend more on the morning of the airport. Godin, the stench doesn't hit the air.

Skilki narazі people missed their flights – it's unbelievable. Through the interest of the airport, the information will be processed. Also, there are a lot of passengers today, they could not spend on a lighter, less than an increase.

Airport “Skhipgol” to ask the mandrivniks to arrive at the airport less than a year before Villot. So please pay for the trival ochіkuvannya zruchno vzuttya.

Problems with throughput building at the airport “Schipgol”

Vlitka, in order to improve the situation and prevent aggravation, the supporters of the airport were paid additional money. However, once the award is over, the situation gets worse with the skin day, the crisis with the staff grows.