Cher and Madonna, the story of a feud that not even time could heal

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Although a photograph of the two in 2017 would have hinted at a reconciliation, a year later, new statements by the “Strong Enough” singer ignited alerts


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< p>Cher and Madonna, the story of a feud that not even time could heal

Both stars have been considered the queens of pop, but statements have shown that they would not get along at all well (Infobae/Jovani Pérez)

Several generations grew up with hits like Believe by Cher or Material Girl by Madonna and, although the fandoms They might agree that both artists have left a permanent mark on the history of the American music industry, an apparent enmity has shadowed them over the years.

It all started in 1991, when in an interview with Steve Kmetko for CBS, Cher said that she did not like Madonna because -from her perspective- The Queen of Pop was not nice.

“There are many things that I respect From her, he knows how to run the business like I've never seen anyone do before. But, there's something about her I don't like. She is bad. I don't like that. I remember I invited her a couple of times because Sean (Penn) and I were friends, and she was very rude to everyone,” said the famous at the time.

Similarly, the Oscar winner for Moon Charm said that it was important for her to remain humble, especially when she was as famous as Madonna was.

“I think she has so much…she acts like aspoiled brat all the time. And it seems to me that when you achieve the kind of acclaim that she has achieved and you can do whatever you want, you need to be a little more magnanimous and a little less rude ,” she noted. p>

Although it seemed that the entire scandal would be buried behind these statements, that same year Cher was interviewed by Terry Wogan and did not hesitate to return to the subject to point out some additional details regarding why she would not like to be a person close to the singer of Like a Virgin.

Well, you know what? everything has become really disproportionate,” he said.

The famous took advantage of the cameras to talk about what she had previously said about Madonna and added:

“She's incredibly creative… because in my day, I was pretty good at doing the same thing as her, but she does so much better. However, she is not incredibly talented, she is not beautiful, she is creative, but rude”.

Similarly, Cher mentioned at the time that she did not have any personal conflicts with Madonna and highlighted other elements he admired about the artist.

“I reallyhave nothing against her. I respect that she goes much further than anyone should go, and I think it's interesting that she's willing to do whatever she wants,” she said.

Although Madonna never reacted strongly to it and the controversy remained without further details for two decades, in 2012 again Cher set off the alarm when -from her Twitter- accountgave his opinion on the release of the album titled MDNA.

“WTF (what the shit*) is MDNA”, he wrote.

This caused controversy among the fans of the Queen of Pop, who did not hesitate to point out to Cher that it was one of the interpreter's most important record productions by Papa don't preach and Vogue.

“It's an album by #MADONNA who is famous enough to gross $408 million at the age of 52 for her tour.” “Madonna, the queen, a little respect”, were some of the mentions on this social network.

Faced with criticism, Cher reappeared on Twitter to clarify that she had never intended to make fun of Madonna and assured I didn't know about the new music of the famous.

“I didn't mean to throw trash on Madge! She is the best at what she does! I said she was bad once! She's Not Nice! Ok, I didn't know MDNA was released. Shoot me I live in a cave,” she wrote.

For 2013, once again, Cher took up Madonna again during a Reddit AMA, but this time she made it clear to the audience that she didn't hate the singer, just: “She thought she was a bitch*”.

He also noted: “Madge must be one of the most wonderful artists I know. She doesn't like everything she does, sure, but she's always on top of the wave. She always saw the trends long before anyone else and she had great videos.”

After all these years of supposed enmity, 2017 set a precedent for fans of both pop stars, as during the Women's March on Washington D.C. both posed in an iconic photograph where Madonna can be seen in orange pants and Cher in a warm cream coat.

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However, peace between the two artists did not come. In 2018 Cher went to the Ellen DeGeneres show and, during a round of games where she had to choose three celebrities with whom she would collaborate, the singer of Chiquitita or You haven't seen the last of me exclaimed: “Adele, Pink and… uh… uh… not with Madonna.”

Currently, both Cher and Madonna continue with their professional careers and neither of them has resumed the great controversy that accompanied them for years.

On the one hand, a couple of days ago, the singer from La Isla Bonita shared that they will start a new tour to celebrate in style their more than 40 years of success in the music industry.

“I am excited to explore as many songs as possible hoping to give my fans the show they've been waiting for,” Madonna said in a statement on her social media.

The tour will span 35 cities, starting with Vancouver on July 15. After a series of dates in North America, will move to Europe, ending in Amsterdam on December 1.

Regarding Cher, she announced in 2021 that the filming of her autobiographical film was already in the works.

Universal is preparing a biopic with my friends Judy Craymer and Gary Goetzman as producers. They have produced films like Mamma Mia! My dear friend, for four years now, legendary Oscar winner Eric Roth will be writing the script”, the famous tweeted.

Cher and Madonna, the story of a feud that not even time could cure

In addition , in the official statement from producer Judy Craymer, congratulations for working hand in hand with one of the most representative stars of all time were present.

Gary and I are delighted to be working with Cher again and, this time, to bring her empowering and authentic life odyssey to the big screen. One cannot help but be drawn to and inspired by Cher's talent, strength, unique wit, warmth and vision. Her unprecedented success of hers in film musicals and television has inspired generations. We couldn't be happier to tell the story of her to the audience in the cinema.”

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