Checo Pérez retracted his statements against Verstappen at the Brazilian GP

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The Mexican driver clarified his stance after pointing out his teammate, who failed to help him get a better position in the penultimate race of 2022

Checo Pérez retracted his statements against Verstappen at the Brazilian GP

Red Bull drivers denied mutual conflict after scandal in Brazil (Leonhard Foeger/REUTERS)

George Russell's first victory of the 2022 Formula 1 season did not steal as many spotlights as the conflict between Sergio Pérez and Max Verstappen. During the Brazilian Grand Prix a disagreement between the Red Bull drivers was aired and the Mexican made a series of controversial statements at the end of the race against his teammate for not receiving his help. However, days later he retracted his words.

On the eve of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the last race of the season and where the drivers' world runner-up will be defined, Checo Pérez attended an interview with RacingNews365 > from the Netherlands. In the space, he was asked if he feels regret for the words spoken against Max Verstappen and the man from Guadalajara retracted it.

“Formula 1 is a sport with a lot of emotion. There is no other sport in which they can listen to you live. So there are a lot of emotions and you say a lot of things. Of course I take back a lot of things I said. After that race the relationship with Max was the same as we had before. We (Max and I) are ready to look forward,” he told the media outlet.

According to his statements, the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, is already focused on the points dispute against Charles Leclerc at the Yas Marina circuit. For this, the support he can receive from the Dutchman will be crucial, for which he emphasized that his relationship with the two-time Formula 1 champion was not affected after the conflict they had.

“Of course it was a bad moment (the statements and the Brazilian GP race), but I think I can put it all behind me. My priority is to have a good work environment and to be able to trust my teammate and the team”, he told the media outlet.

¿ What happened between Checo Pérez and Max Verstappen at the Brazilian GP?

The weekend at the Interlagos Circuit represented a bittersweet experience for Sergio Pérez. In the qualifying round for the sprint race he was delayed by Ferrari and took ninth position on the starting grid. A day later, in the mini race, he managed to climb five positions and asked his teammate to allow him to move up one more for more points, but his request was ignored.

The straw that broke the camel's back was on the stellar day of the Brazilian GP. Again, Verstappen was in front of the Mexican and behind Fernando Alonso. Through the telemetry system, Christian Horner gave him the indication to let Checo Pérez through in case he did not plan to overtake the Mexican, but did not respond to requests. To the contrary, he stated that:

“I told you guys last time. Don't ask me that again. In agreement? Understood? I gave them my reasons and I stand by them ”.

Czech showed indignation and replied that the attitude of his partner “ shows who he really is ” . Hours later, he left the circuit in the company of the Red Bull chief mechanic and, in his statements to the media, again launched himself against Max Verstappen.

Checo Pérez retracted his statements against Verstappen in the Brazilian GP

Checo Pérez will seek to sign his best season in Formula 1 in 2022 (Brian Snyder/REUTERS)< p class="paragraph">“Yes, I am very surprised. I don't know what happened, especially what I've done for him. I don't think I understand his reasons and I'm very surprised. I think if he has two championships it's thanks to me”, he assured.

Days after the controversy, Verstappen assured that he will offer his support to Checo Pérez in the last game of the season. Such conduct will be vital for the Mexican to finish ahead of Charles Leclerc and add more points. Only then will he be able to overtake the Ferrari driver, with whom he shares second place in the drivers' standings.