Checo Pérez lost the Drivers' Subchampionship but closed the season with his best result in F1

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The Mexican driver finished third in the Abu Dhabi GP, as well as the 2022 F1 season after losing the runner-up to Charles Leclerc (Ferrari )

14:38 Hs20/11/2022

Checo Pérez lost the Drivers' Subchampionship but closed the season with his best result in F1

Sergio Pérez finished in third place of the Abu Dhabi GP. (REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger)

The Mexican, Sergio Checo Pérez (< b>Red Bull), finished third in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (GP) and Drivers' Championship. of the Formula 1 (F1).

With this, the driver from Jalisco closed the 2022 season with the best result of his career by racing add 305 points. This, despite losing the Drivers' Runner-up Championship to Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), who was the protagonist of his team's risky strategy – in which they opted to keep the Monegasque on the track with a single entry to boxes.

In a post-race interview, Sergio Pérez said he was happy because “I have given everything” in his fight for the World Runner-up. Added to this, he was optimistic about improving his performance with Red Bull for the 2023 season.

“It is like that sometimes. At the end of the day, I have to be happy because I gave it my all and I'm sure we'll come back stronger next year.”

14:30 Hs11/20/2022

This is how the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was experienced

Checo Pérez lost the Drivers' Subchampionship but closed the season with his best result in F1

Max Verstappen conquered the podium in Abu Dabi, followed by Charles Leclerc and Checo Pérez. (F1)

Checo Pérez finishes third in the Abu Dhabi GP and loses the World Runner-up.

Charles Leclerc finished second to Yas Marina and consolidated himself as the Runner-up, while Max Verstappen once again won first place in the race.

14:29 Hs20/11/2022

Last lap of the Abu Dhabi GP

Pérez 1.8 seconds behind Charles Leclerc

14:29 Hs20/11/2022

Checo Pérez in the DRS zone with Charles Leclerc

14:25 Hs20/11/2022

Red Bull projects that Checo Pérez will be able to fight for the world runner-up in the last lap.

Checo Pérez less than three seconds behind Leclerc; Pierre Gasly gets in the way Pérez and harms him in his pursuit by Leclerc

14:24 Hs11/20/2022

Checo Pérez in fourth place at the Abu Dhabi GP with four laps remaining.

14:21 Hs20/11/2022

Seven laps to finish the 2022 F1 season

Checo Pérez is less than six seconds behind Charles Leclerc and Red Bull begins to put pressure on the Mexican.

14:18 Hs11/20/2022

Checo Pérez closes the distance with Leclerc, but still exceeds a five-second difference; Ferrari urges the Monegasque to increase the performance of the tires.

It should be remembered that the Italian team opted to keep the European on the track with a single entry to the pits.

14:11 Hs11/20/2022

Red Bull encourages Checo Pérez to pass Hamilton

The Mexican managed to attack and pass the Mercedes Benz at turn 6, but the Brit regained third position.

However, seconds later, Checo Pérez passed Hamilton on the inside at turn 9 and moved up to third. The Mexican will now go after the Monegasque with whom the drivers' second championship is at stake.

14:05 Hs11/20/2022

Checo Pérez moved up to fourth, but still needs to pass Hamilton to reach Leclerc.

Checo Pérez questions his team if the pace will be enough to catch Charles Leclerc; Red Bull confirms yes.

Meanwhile, Leclerc is wary that he could make up ground if he made his second pit stop; Ferrari affirms that he would recover it.

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