Ché García must do “magic” to get 12

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  • Ché García must do “magic” to get 12

    Néstor -Ché- García would be in charge of the national team n Dominican throughout the Olympic cycle.

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Once again everyone is waiting for the magic of Ché García returns to make an impact on the national basketball team in his attempt to reach a third World Cup in a row.

And in preparation for the games in the window on Thursday (Argentina) and Sunday (Venezuela) trying to select the 12 that make up the squad will be difficult. a test for the members of the coaching staff.

A “pleasant problem” will be decide who will be the owners. The experienced Argentine strategist -who announced in the radio program Cancha Entera will be During the entire Olympic cycle, the president of the Dominican Basketball Federation, Rafael Uribe, has five options to stay with two or three in position one.

Gelvis Solano, who flourished ; under his direction in the past World Cup in China (11 assists in the victory over Germany), Andrés Feliz, who with his performances in the last window and the Americup has claimed game and Jean Montero, who knocks on the doors of the NBA despite being ignored in the last draft.

There are also Miguel Dicent, captain of the brand new district champion of Bameso and Richard Bautista, the player with the greatest progress in the court in the last three years.

< strong>Peña and the tall ones
Antonio Peña, from whom a good performance has always been expected in the tricolor uniform, once again takes the position of nationalized instead of Sadiel Rojas, the Try and veteran player who sees action in Spain and has been devoted to the cause.

The twin towers of Eloy Vargas and Ángel Delgado should be seeded in positions five and four  and they should have the support of Jonathan Araujo and Juan Guerrero, who return to the national team after being exiled by the Venezuelan Super League.

Captain Víctor Liz, if he is recovered from the injury he sustained. in the seventh game of the district final between Bameso and Mauricio Báez, he is the starter in position two with the substitution of Rigoberto Mendoza. 

Juan Miguel Suero and Luis David Montero -one of Ché's favorites- are projected to be in the position of fast forward, which at times could be managed by Gerardo Suero, the older brother of Juan Miguel, who returns to the preselection.

Not easy to choose only 12 among these 15 for the coaching staff.

Adonys Henríquez, Anyeuri Castillo, Jeromy Rodríguez and Brandone Francis, with sufficient merit, were left out this time

David Díaz, Abraham Disla and Yoel Feliz are helping Ché. Garcia. Melvin López takes a step to the side and is concentrated on the Development Leagues while Maíta Mercedes trains in La Vega. Daniel Seaone (Uruguay) will not be either. available this time.

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