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A $789 bill to a Charlottetown man who refused to mow his lawn

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Michael Ross shows the invoice for $789.42 received from the City of Charlottetown.


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A citizen who refused to mow his lawn judges that the City of Charlottetown is demanding an excessive amount from him after municipal employees carried out the work themselves.

Last summer, the municipality informed Michael Ross that he was contravening a municipal bylaw prohibiting lawns from being more than 150 millimeters high.

This Charlottetown resident refused because he liked the look of his natural lawn and it provides food for birds and pollinators.

Faced with his refusal to respect the order, municipal employees went to his home last fall to mow the lawn on his property, which is less than 300 square meters.

I thought the bill would be around $500, which would have already been excessive, especially since the municipal employees sent to his house worked for less than an hour, he says.

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ELSE ON INFO: Among the Islanders, the Roy effect is already being felt

Although he says he has already considered challenging the constitutionality of the municipal decree, Michael Ross refuses to say what steps he will take next.

According to the municipality of Charlottetown, the unsightly premises bylaw helps maintain the city's picturesque and safe reputation.

In an email, a spokesperson indicates that the invoice sent to Michael Ross is explained by the number of municipal employees who carried out the work, the time it took them to carried them out and the equipment that was used.

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Michael Ross did not expect to receive such a high bill for his land which is less than 300 square meters.

On Friday, Michael Ross paid the entire bill of $789.42.

I'm considering offering my services to mow lawns, next summer I'll charge $800 to do it all day, he jokes.

Based on reporting by Shane Ross ofCBC

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