Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” began supplying full-fledged mobile hospitals to the country

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Together with partners, 52 full-fledged mobile hospitals equipped for operations and laboratory diagnostics in the immediate vicinity of active hostilities are planned to be delivered to the country by the Charitable Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine.

The Charitable Foundation "Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine" has started supplying full-fledged mobile hospitals to the country

As reported during a press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency on Tuesday, President of the Foundation Artem Goncharenko, the first hospital has already been committed to the Ministry of Defense and provides medical care to the military and civilian population in the area of ​​active hostilities.

“The first hospital helps where there is active hostilities and heavy losses are possible. He is still alone on the entire front line and is already saving lives. It is 52 hospitals that will help provide quick assistance along the entire front line in those places where rapid assistance is needed, — he said.

Goncharenko specified that the number of hospitals was determined after consultations with military experts, including NATO experts. At the same time, hospitals may have different specifications.

«The price at which such a hospital is offered on the market, — this is $360 thousand, but in negotiations with manufacturers we came to the cost of EUR232 thousand + additional transportation costs, — Goncharenko clarified.

At the same time, he added that by now an advance payment of $40,000 has been made. – “under my personal word of honor”, and the hospital was brought to Ukraine, but fundraising continues. Currently, the flow of patients served by him is 100-150 people per day — both military and civilian, who are in the gray zones and places of de-occupation. Medical care in the hospital is provided by military doctors, who have already been joined by civilians.

“The hospital can operate in 300 km of the border zone, where the aggressor’s missiles reach. This is a full-fledged hospital on wheels,” — Goncharenko said.

He noted that the hospital can turn around and start working within 15 minutes, it is completely autonomous, equipped with a generator and has the ability to connect external power. The foundation is currently exploring the possibility of assembling hospitals in Ukraine.

The second hospital, according to the head of the charitable organization, the foundation plans to transfer for the clinical and medical center of the western region – “This is the so-called Lvov hospital.”

“We signed a memorandum with them. We planned to transfer the first hospital to them, but we were asked to transfer it to special operations, so the first hospital works where active hostilities are taking place, — Goncharenko clarified.

According to ZSU soldier Daniil Goncharenko, who has three wounds, due to the change in the operational situation at the front, the need for mobile hospitals capable of providing full-fledged medical care directly on the front line has increased significantly.

At the same time, one more participant of the press conference – lawyer and serviceman Sergei Petkov noted their importance not only during active hostilities — after victory, they can continue to work in the aftermath of man-made disasters, accidents and terrorist attacks.

“If such a mobile hospital were in Dnipro on January 14, then more people could be saved before they were sent to hospitals, providing them with timely assistance on the spot,” — he emphasized.

The Charitable Foundation "Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine" country of full-fledged mobile hospitals

A representative of the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development in Dnipro” spoke about cooperation with entrepreneurs Elena Kreknina.

“The direction of fundraising for mobile hospitals is the most important for us. We involve the business community in it, in particular, the “window” business in Dnipro and such enterprises as “AXOR”, which has already joined. I call on all business representatives to join in saving lives, those who bring our victory closer, », — she said.

According to the information announced during the press conference, the partners of the mobile hospitals project were the PR agency Be my media, the Club of Experts, the Association of Science and Education of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, NGO “Culture and Heritage of Ukraine”, International Technology Transfer Association (ITTA), National University of Construction and Architecture – KNUBA, FSO “Dynamo” Ukraine, licensed online school Focus, PATprofi – IT, “Donbasenergo”, Amor Ukraine Health Organization, NGO “Ukrainian Diabetes Federation”.

As reported, the Charitable Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine handed over the first mobile hospital to the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense. The cost of a mobile hospital with equipment and delivery is about EUR 240,000.

In particular, a hydraulic examination couch, rechargeable examination lamps, an ophthalmoscope, and an instrument table are located in the admission department of the mobile clinic.

Laboratory The mobile hospital is equipped with an autoclave, biomaterial centrifuges, a glucometer, a hematological analyzer, and a microscope. The X-ray room of the mobile clinic is equipped with an X-ray table, an X-ray machine and an ultrasound machine.

The operating room of the hospital is equipped with a defibrillator, portable infusion pumps, a laryngoscope, an operating table, an aspiration pump and an anesthesia machine.

In addition , the mobile hospital is equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable work of medical personnel, in particular, it is equipped with a toilet and a shower.

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