Charitable Center “Raduga” has started an urgent fundraising to help a six-year-old boy with severe pathologies

Charitable Center “Raduga” has started an urgent fundraising to help a six-year-old boy with severe pathologies

The Raduga Charitable Center launched an urgent fundraiser to provide assistance to a six-year-old boy faced with serious pathologies. Omsk doctors did everything in their power for young Maxim Lipetskiy, now they hope for specialists from St. Petersburg.

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To start treatment, the parents need to take their son to the northern capital. However, the child's family found itself in a difficult financial situation and could not afford the trip. The boy was born prematurely when his mother was six months old, for the next three he was helped by a ventilator. Maxim was able to get home from the hospital only at six months, having managed to undergo an operation, and problems with blood pressure were also observed. Every month, the presence of a developmental lag became more and more noticeable. In particular, the child could hardly hold his head, and could sit down only a year. Six months later, he began to crawl. The boy was diagnosed with disability five years ago, since then his condition has not changed significantly.

Maxim has several diagnoses, including cerebral palsy, aplasia of one of the kidneys, deformity of the feet. He cannot walk, when there were attempts to do a therapeutic massage, the child began to cry at night. Despite his disability, the boy is active, he likes to listen to fairy tales, spend time with educational toys. Although he cannot speak, he demonstrates awareness, learns the alphabet, recognizes numbers and animals on cards.

Doctors believe that Maxim has a chance for a normal life, he is able to learn to talk and walk without help. However, this requires constant training both in rehabilitation centers and at home. There were successes, the child began to take the first steps, but he broke his leg and the progress came to naught. Omsk specialists referred the boy to an orthopedist-traumatologist in St. Petersburg for consultation and treatment, but round trip tickets are expensive. Mother brings up Maxim alone, only grandparents help.

Against this background, the family turned to the Raduga center. Doctors believe the child will need ankle surgery followed by rehabilitation. Only then will the boy have a real chance to start walking. Now more than 111 thousand rubles are required for tickets, details and more details about Maxim's condition can be found on the center's website.

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