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Charging your phone: 4 rules you should remember

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun2,2024

Charging the phone: 4 rules you should remember

Charging your phone is an integral part of its using. Therefore, you should know how to do it correctly. Thanks to this knowledge, you will keep the battery in good condition for as long as possible and avoid the need to replace this element.

Phone charging – What you should know

In recent years, manufacturers have significantly improved their phones. Today, even the cheapest smartphones are at least decently made, when the best smartphone of 2024 features AMOLED screens and supports 5G networks.

In the case of more expensive models, we also get more and more memory, and we can also choose from complex options that stand out against the background of “traditional” smartphones.

However, batteries that are installed in modern smartphones have not made much progress. Although they can be charged faster, the capacity remains limited. When buying a smartphone, we often have to consider that it will have to be charged every day or every other day.

Even classic phones with the keyboard do not guarantee a long working time. After all, these devices support LTE and are equipped with large (for their category) displays, which affects the operating time.

Therefore, you should know how to properly handle the phone's battery so that it loses its capacity as slowly as possible, and recharging is as trouble-free as possible.

Don't charge your phone from 0 to 100%

Regardless of what smartphone we have and the manufacturer, we should not constantly charge it from 0 to 100%.

First of all, it is important to avoid completely discharging the device, as this can negatively affect the battery life. If you see that the charge level is 15-20%, you should slowly top up to 80-90%. Full charge should be completed before reaching 100%.

Don't leave your smartphone with a dead battery

When we buy a new phone, we don't rule out that one day we will need it again want to use the old device – this is often the situation.

We may even want to keep a spare smartphone at home in case of emergencies. However, it must be remembered that storing a smartphone with a discharged battery — bad idea It is best to charge the device to about 50%, turn it off and put it in the box.

Storing the device with a fully discharged battery can lead to a state of deep discharge, as a result of which the battery loses its ability to store charge.

In turn, long-term storage of the battery in a fully charged state can irreversibly reduce the capacity and, therefore, performance.

What are the benefits of wireless charging

Some phones support wireless charging. This applies mainly to higher-end models, but sometimes the option is available in cheaper models.

As a rule, inductive charging is much slower than traditional charging, but its advantage is convenience. Simply place the device on the charger.

Even if you don't mind charging your smartphone the traditional way, check if you can do it wirelessly. Inductive chargers and power banks with wireless charging are widely available in stores, so you should have at least one such device at home.

The reason? Charging ports on phones are damaged. Thanks to an inductive, charging or special power bank, in an emergency we will still be able to replenish the energy reserve in our smartphone.

Choose proven charging accessories

Regardless of the smartphone brand, buying the inductive charger mentioned above or the usual « block» with a cable, you should pay attention to the parameters and quality of accessories.

It is worth checking whether the parameters of the charger allow you to fill up the smartphone battery as quickly as possible. Even Samsung's top phone can be charged with a cheap 5W charger, but it will take a long time, something most would rather avoid.

Another aspect – security. Using an accessory whose cables have not been properly insulated by the manufacturer may result in electric shock or fire.

Therefore, you should use chargers and power supplies from a reliable manufacturer marked with double insulation icons.


Charging the phone is an important aspect of long-term and comfortable use of the device .

You should remember these few rules to recharge the batteries of your devices as quickly and efficiently as possible and safely. If you remember how to charge your smartphone, its battery will remain in good condition for a long time.

Which of these tips do you use, or perhaps know of other recommendations that can affect the life of batteries in gadgets? Write comments.

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