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Charging stations: does it make sense to buy used and what should you pay attention to

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul11,2024

Charging stations: does it make sense to buy used and what should you pay attention to

Portable charging stations come to the aid of Ukrainians during power outages. The prices of some models really hit the pockets of citizens, so many are interested in whether it is possible to buy a used station and how to check it.

There are many offers on the Internet and classifieds sites for the sale of charging stations, but already of former use. Accordingly, their prices are several times lower than those sold in stores.

“Telegraph”  decided to find out whether it makes sense to spend money on a used station and what you should pay attention to before buying this equipment second-hand.

In order to save money, purchasing an already used station — good option However, you should not forget about safety. Make sure that the seller has all the necessary documents for this device and the warranty. Also note that additional features such as overload and short circuit protection may also be important.

When buying online, you should check the station on site. At the same time, it is more effective to wait at least a few minutes to make sure that the device works without problems.

You should carefully check the charger for the portable station and the connector on it. In case of detection of defects on the cord or with the connector, it is better to abandon this purchase.

“Telegraph” promoted offers for the sale of second-hand stations on the Internet. Note that some sellers indicate that they ship only upon full prepayment. When planning a purchase, you should not agree to such offers, because in case of detection of breakdowns or defects in the device, there is a chance that your money will not be returned to you.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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