Charges are brought against an Army major for handing out rifles to civilians in Bogotá

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The uniformed man was also removed from his position while the investigation is being carried out to avoid a conflict of interest

Army major charged for delivering rifles to civilians in Bogotá

Reference image: Army major is charged for handing out rifles to civilians in Bogotá (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera)

This Saturday the authorities announced the capture of a National Army major who was caught in flagrante delicto while handing over two long weapons, 5.56 mm caliber M4 rifles, a civilian in the París Gaitán neighborhood, in western Bogotá. According to the information Caracol Radio had access to, the major was identified as Jaime Andrés Calderón and was captured, and the other implicated, Jorge Felipe García, was also captured.

The officer of the Army, according to what was revealed by W Radio, who would belong to the aviation area, together with the other citizen, were transferred to the URI of La Granja for prosecution, since, at the time of the capture, they did not present documents that accredited the possession or bearing of weapons.

After the capture of Major Calderón Flórez, this November 21 it was announced that he was charged with the crime of manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition.

“At the moment, the judicial entity carried out the urgent acts and legalization of the capture with the imputation of charges, in the development of the hearing of an insurance measure against the person involved, for the crime of manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition. For its part, this command will proceed to carry out the corresponding disciplinary investigations that allow the responsibility of the officer involved to be determined,” the Army pointed out about the procedure.

In addition, they explained that from now on functions within the institution were removed, as it is important that I do not know of a conflict of interest within the investigation: “as a preventive administrative measure, the officer involved in the events was immediately removed from office, in order to give transparency and speed to the internal and external investigation processes initiated by the competent authorities”.

This is not the first case of a military man involved in this type of scandal . Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Esteban Bautista López was recently captured at the El Dorado airport with a suitcase full of weapons. However, he was released days later after the decision of a judge in the city of Bogotá, although he will continue to be linked to the process.

It was revealed that at the time of his capture, an official from the Directorate of Taxes and Customs (Dian) reviewed the lieutenant colonel's luggage and what he found surprised not only him, but also the other public servants who collaborated with this diligence:

A charger for a Prieto Beretta 9 mm pistol with a capacity of 17 cartridges, 10 units; a magazine for a Glock pistol, with a capacity for 50 cartridges, 16 units; magazine for pistol 9 mm Glock, capacity 15 cartridges, 10 units; a charger for a 9 mm CZ pistol, capacity 15 cartridges, five units; and a Smith and Wesson pistol magazine, with a capacity of 17 cartridges, 14 units, according to the aforementioned outlet.

They also found a pistol conversion kit < i>Glock make Scoit; six Fab Defense brand conversion kit for Glock pistol, three units and one conversion kit for Glock brand MCK pistol, three units. Alongside all this, a stocked micro-conversion kit, a micro-flashlight conversion kit and a Fab Defense brand Crimson Trace folding laser sight CMR CMR 201 laser sight.

< p class="paragraph">The lieutenant colonel would have tried to justify the contents of his luggage by arguing that he was a member of the Army of the Infantry, something that was not enough to dissuade the officials of the El Dorado airport, who proceeded with his capture.