Changes in the management of SIBUR holding will strengthen the petrochemical block

Changes in the management of SIBUR holding will strengthen the petrochemical block

SIBUR Petrochemical Holding announced a personnel reshuffle in its management. The changes will be aimed at developing the company's management and strengthening key positions in the main areas of work. Rosbalt informs about it.

Changes in the management of SIBUR holding will strengthen the petrochemical block

Thus, the Directorate of Basic Polymers will be headed by Pavel Lyakhovich, who previously held the position of Head of the Directorate of Plastics, Elastomers and Organic Synthesis. The BOPP film subsidiary Biaxplen will also remain under his supervision, as will the implementation of the new operating model (NOM) in the company, as well as polymer recycling projects. The need to implement HOM is associated with the company's desire to develop processes in accordance with international practice. It includes updating the organizational structure, business processes, employee powers and competencies, and developing corporate culture.

Alexander Petrov will take over the management of the Plastics Directorate and will oversee SIBUR's procurement activities. Previously, Alexander was Managing Director for Economics and Finance.

The management team will also be joined by Peter O'Brien, a member of the Board of Directors of SIBUR since 2018, who was an independent director and head of the audit committee. He will be assigned the position of Managing Director for Economics and Finance.
Sergei Komyshan retains the position of the holding's executive director. The petrochemical block will also continue to develop under his supervision, as will the areas of marketing, sales, business development and innovation.

According to Dmitry Konov, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC SIBUR Holding, the ongoing changes in the management of SIBUR correspond to the practice of regular rotation of management personnel, which has long been adopted by the company. According to him, a number of recent events have confirmed that the company is confidently heading for long-term growth and strengthening of stability.

Thus, ZapSibNeftekhim reached its design capacity, the flagship project, the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, and several other polymer projects were launched.

“In this regard, we made a decision to strengthen the petrochemical unit headed by Sergey Komyshan. We are convinced that the rotation contributes to the expansion of the expertise of our key managers and increases the operational efficiency of the company, ”he said and added that the leadership qualities, experience and understanding of the business, characteristic of Pavel Lyakhovich and Alexander Petrov, will take the petrochemical direction to new frontiers and strengthen interaction -production and financial blocks.

And world-class specialist Peter O'Brien, who has held senior positions in the largest Russian and international structures, will enhance the integration of SIBUR into the global processes of the industry.

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