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Changed machetes to drones. In the USA, mosquitoes are fought with the help of drones

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

They changed machetes to drones. In the United States, they fight mosquitoes with the help of drones

In order to reach the swampy areas of Florida, where dangerous mosquitoes leave their eggs, insect control specialists had to wade through before. off-road, clearing thickets with a machete. Now drones help them in this.

Mosquitoes carry many diseases, many of which can be fatal to humans. In Florida, for example, local authorities sent pest control teams to swampy areas where Aedes mosquitoes laid their eggs. Several species of this genus carry pathogens of West Nile fever and yellow fever, dengue fever, heartworm disease and other diseases.

Some mosquito breeding sites are extremely difficult to reach: where a truck cannot pass, local service workers had to wade through for hours through the mud, armed with a machete to get past the thick trees.

Drones came to the rescue. Broward County, Florida, began using one of the automated mosquito spray devices in hard-to-reach areas this month, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported. Mosquito breeding sites are sprayed from a drone to kill the larvae, which can later grow into dangerous insects.

Back in 2013, Florida tested the use of drones to find water bodies where mosquitoes can breed in large numbers. Other U.S. counties, such as Orange and Santa Clara, have also recently begun using drones to control mosquitoes.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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