“Change is not going to be easy, but optimism after so much pain is healthy”: 'La Niña' analyzes the Colombian future from her art

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The Colombian singer-songwriter spoke with Infobae about her recent visit to Spain as an artist invited to BIME and the importance of assuming a position with her music


María Paula González

“Change is not going to be easy, but optimism after so much pain is healthy”: ‘La Niña’ analyzes the Colombian future from her art

Photo taken from Instagram @la_muchacha_isabel

Isabel Martínez is a young singer-songwriter from Manizales who has become known within the country's alternative music thanks to her powerful lyrics, which she interprets accompanied by her guitar and with sounds they represent the musical feeling of the country. She better known by her stage name of La Muchaha , this artist stands out for -as the name of one of her albums relates- creating raw songs that talk about peasants, protest, feminism and national politics.

Songs such as 'No Azara', 'La Sentada' or 'Necesidades Perras' have accompanied different struggles in the country and of the same woman who, behind a microphone, tries to attract attention and speak openly about these issues.

< p class="paragraph">Recently, La Niña was a guest artist at BIME LiveBilbao, one of the most important events in the music industry worldwide where they highlighted their sound journey to explore music through the discovery of the musical roots of their hometown and Latin America. In dialogue with Infobae Colombia , Martínez spoke about his participation in this event, his songs and the socio-political changes that Colombia is facing.

An alternative artist who entered the industry

The singer-songwriter first pointed out the great responsibility she had in her hands as the Colombian artist selected to represent the country in this meeting, especially when she is not precisely part of those artists who occupy the first places in the lists or whose music can be qualified as 'commercial'. “It's nice to frequent spaces you're not used to and meet people who move in much larger circles, but we (her and her team) are not interested in being in the industry , we have been on the sidelines and we have felt happy, calm, coherent and comfortable”, he pointed out.

She was grateful that in her case there was no forced participation or in which she felt the social pressure of having to make herself more visible. But at the same time it served her to question her own stereotypes about how to make music, “we know other ways of being in music that are just as important and coherent as ours, it's not only good from the alternative that is what I do, everything is possible”.

In Spain, in addition to being in Bilbao, he also appeared in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​and pointed out that after a year the Spanish public for his art grew up. “In many ways they feel identified because Europe also has a strong history, Spain has many disappeared in oblivion,” he stressed.

The objective of their musical project

To this medium, Isabel MartínezShe pointed out that although she has been a person close to music since she was very young, the musical project that was born under the name of 'La Niña' has had the objective of “breaking my own fears, insecurities and trusting in the gift that she inherited from me my mother”.

“Change is not going to be easy, but optimism is healthy after so much pain”: ‘La Niña’ analyzes the Colombian future from her art

Photo taken from Instagram @la_muchacha_isabel

For now, she said she will stick to her goal of showing herself as she is before his audience and, especially, generating conversations and questions based on his own opinions, which he is not afraid to express in his music.

“The goal is always to feel fulfilled knowing that I can share it and have autonomy… to share with people what I am, how I am, the way I think. Generate questions and discussion spaces, intimate or massive, from what I do”, he reflected.

He added that in his way of seeing music, it is important to take a standbecause it is through music that the lives of human beings unfold, “that makes it important for music to transmit questions that do not always have to be directed towards the sociopolitical or conjunctural, but if it does, it is wonderful. Equally all art is political at any moment of life”.

Throughout her artistic career La NiñaShe has represented in her songs different positions against feminism and protests, especially also demonstrating against violence and many injustices that happen in the country. For this reason, he points out that through his own art “we are not being indifferent, we are telling them, amplifying them… We have to approach it with tweezers, with caution, without making assumptions because there are very strong stories behind it. those injustices.”

He acknowledges that through his songs he has also made certain people uncomfortable, but that is also part of his purpose, “I think it is important that those who disagree express it, what happens is that sometimes those opinions are not constructive, they are attacking”, which is why she invited Colombian society to build more dialogue.

However, her music not only confronts or bothers people who do not think like her, many of her songs confronted her with herself and in this dialogue with Infobae she recognized that it mainly happened to her with 'No Azara', a song that was born in the midst of the past national outburst.< /p>

I feel like my heart broke when I made it, for assuming in concrete words the idea that they shoot me from the front and that it be at the door of my house. I thought ‘who am I to assume this voice when I have not lived through the war?’, But I feel that I made that feeling visible, ”she assured.

“Change is not going to be easy, but optimism is healthy after so much pain”: ‘La Niña’ analyzes the Colombian future from her art

Photo taken from Instagram @la_muchacha_isabel

The opinion of 'La Niña' on a government of changes

Martínez captured his emotions in songs in the midst of a National Strike that marked a before and after in the past Government, that is why we now ask him about the first impressions he has about a new policy in power.

< blockquote class="color_figcaption">“This change is different, it is coming to govern in a different way, but it does not guarantee that things will change completely.Many things continue to happen and we must be aware of the government's responses to the eviction of communities, the liberation of mother earth, the attacks on leaders; Those are things that are not going to change with a different position from the government, it is something deeper,” he said.

However, he added that he feels intrigued and it seems good to have a different government than the above, in addition to pointing out that it is necessary to experience a different way of looking at what is happening in the country.

“You have to be very attentive, very critical, be up front. What is happening is that they are trying to put out all the fires of a previous government that was extremely poor and it will not be easy, in four years we will not have the results we want. I tell myself not to have so many expectations, to fight when I have to fight and claim when I have to, we should not let anyone pass anything simply because it is an alternative leftist government”, she stressed.

“The power structures are complicated and there are things that they are not going to allow them to do. Change is not going to be an easy thing, but optimism after so much pain is healthy ”, she concluded.