Champions League: Lazio vs Borussia Dortmund live streaming free

Champions League: Lazio vs Borussia Dortmund live streaming free

Lazio vs Borussia Dortmund live streaming free
Lazio – Borussia Dortmund: prediction for the Champions League match (October 20, 2020)

Lazio have not won in the last three matches, but whether Borussia will take advantage of the crisis of the Eagles on October 20 – you will find the answer in the forecast. Who will win?

Lazio was great last season – Simone Inzaghi’s team pursued Juventus for a long time, but after quarantine they could not get back in shape. Nevertheless, the “eagles” managed to get a ticket to the Champions League, thus coping with their main task.

The new season for Lazio started quite well – the Romans left no chances for Cagliari when visiting Cagliari, sending two unanswered goals. However, this is so far the only victory available to the club. After the 1: 4 defeat to Atalanta, the Romans scored a 1: 1 draw with Inter, and in the last round they could not oppose Sampdoria, losing sensationally 0: 3 away.

Borussia D
“Borussia” also retained some chances for a championship in the German championship last season, but as a result, “Bavaria” did not manage to compete. The “bumblebees” came second to the finish, but such an outcome of the season was hardly a tragedy for them – silver and a ticket to the Champions League were won.

In the new season, Borussia has already fought with Bayern in a face-to-face meeting, but this happened not in the Bundesliga, but in the German Super Cup. Despite the fierce resistance, the “bumblebees” failed to defeat their main competitor – a 2: 3 defeat left them without a trophy.

In the Bundesliga, Borussia had one serious mistake so far – in the second round they lost 0: 2 to Augsburg. All other matches Lucien Favre’s team won – in the last round they managed to beat Hoffenheim 1-0 in a difficult match, and this was Borussia’s third victory of the season.

Lazio haven’t won in their last three matches – two defeats and a draw
Lazio conceded eight goals in their last three games
Borussia won the last two matches with a total score of 5: 0

Personal meetings
08/12/18 Borussia D Lazio ten

Lazio is failing the start of the season – in defense, Inzaghi’s team is traditionally a complete mess, but they have not yet succeeded in overshadowing these mistakes with confident attacking play, as the Eagles did last season. In the last match, Inzaghi experimented with defense, but this did not lead to anything good – Hoodt had to be changed during the second half, the mentor was so dissatisfied with the work of defense, today the task for him becomes even more difficult.

Borussia has a powerful, and most importantly – very fast attack, which can become a serious problem for Lazio’s defense, so the Romans have few chances of success.

We believe that guests have a better chance of winning. Forecast – Asian handicap (0) against Borussia . In 1xBet such an outcome is offered with odds of 1.60

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