CES 2021: all-round innovations

CES 2021: all-round innovations

If the big CES fair normally had nearly 4,000 exhibitors in 2020, there are only 1,800 this year, pandemic obliges.

Still, technological development and innovation do not take a vacation.

The Impulse Neuro-Controller gaming glove

On the crowdfunding platform Kirkstarter, this sensor-packed glove is supposed to save you milliseconds in first-person and first-person (FPS) shooters.

CES 2021: all-round innovations

Designed by Brink Bionics, a tech firm linked to the University of Waterloo in Ontario, this neurocontroller glove for computer games allows you to click at the speed of thought.

In detail, this Impulse glove has built-in sensors that use a proprietary machine learning algorithm to read your muscle biosignals and predict your clicking intentions. This eliminates the lag between when you think about clicking and when your finger actually performs this movement by muscle contraction.

Controls activated with the Impulse glove are up to 80 milliseconds faster than with mouse clicks, paving the way for an unprecedented gaming experience and sizable advantages over opponents.

Earfun earbuds

Earfun, a regular at CES fairs, has already won awards for its high-tech earbuds. Very compact and light (41 g), the new earbuds Earfun Free Pro have active noise cancellation (ANC) by algorithm, the latest Bluetooth version 5.2, an autonomy of 6 hours (with ANC) including 25 hours with the charging case, waterproofness rated IPX5 (rain and sweat ) and a voice assistant.

CES 2021: all-round innovations

Similar specs to AirPods Pro, but priced at US $ 60.

Bone conduction headphones

AfterShokz has designed a Bluetooth headset called OpenComm that transmits audio reception through bone conduction. Bone conduction audio devices are nothing new, I had tried one in the 80’s and it was not that great.

Certainly, the idea still gained ground as with this helmet OpenComm for the office. As your ears are free, external noises are not filtered and can drown out the sound of the interlocutor.

Interesting, but expensive, CA $ 210.

CES 2021: all-round innovations

After the foldable telephones, the scrollable ones

It’s no secret that smartphone and tablet manufacturers are trying hard to combine these two device formats into one. Some have their foldable devices like Samsung and Motorola, but others like TCL and LG rather offer versions with a scrollable screen, part of which unfolds to enlarge the surface.

The TCL (CSOT) model here expands from 6.7 to 7.8 in.

And the LG model, visible in the 2nd minute 08 s of the long presentation of the South Korean group on the occasion of CES 2021.

Obviously, these devices are only prototypes so that we are still far from commercialization. Samsung and Motorola had to solve a lot of problems to come up with finished products. That said, between TCL and LG a new race is on.

Large curved panoramic screens are popular

With two ultra-large 29 ”screens, one in each of my telecommuting places, including a curved one, when you taste it you don’t want anything else in front of you.

As our field of vision is panoramic, so we might as well have this same type of screen.

CES 2021: all-round innovations

At the current CES, LG received an Innovation Award for its ultralarge monitor 40WP95C which, by the way, is not yet on the band’s website. This 40 ” 5K2k (5120 x 2160) display features an ideal 21: 9 aspect ratio for working with documents or web pages, for games and movies shot in 16: 9 or 21: 9 formats. In addition, the same Thunderbolt 4 cable can serve both as a power supply for the laptop (USB-C port) and for the laptop as a video source.

CES 2021: all-round innovations

Cadillac eVTOL

The flying car designed for the Cadillac brand can carry a passenger and fly at around 90 km / h between rooftops and various places in the city.

This Cadillac eVTOL uses four electric rotors totaling 90 kWh. Its roof is made of glass and the interior is full of electronic sensors to make the movement pleasant. For now, this machine is just a test balloon, a design exercise like there is often in the automotive world to test the reaction of the public.

There is still a market of 1.5 trillion dollars by 2040.

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