Černý will design the starting collection for the 2024 Olympics, he promises it will be “brutally special”

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Cernya will design the entry collection for the 2024 Olympics, he promises it will be "brutally special" ;

Designer of the clothing collection for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Paris 2024 Jan Černý, September 11, 2023, Prague.

Prague – Jan Černý designed the Olympic collection for the entry of the Czech team at the Paris Games. The name of the author, who has been working on the project for a year, was published today by the Czech Olympic Committee (ČOV) at a meeting with journalists and athletes. The specific appearance of the models for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2024 Olympics will not be revealed until next year, but the designer has already promised today that they will be different from anything that has been seen so far. He described his collection as “brutally special”.

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Cernya will design the entry collection for the 2024 Olympic Games, it promises to be "brutally special" “specially” />

The entry collection for the 2024 Olympics will be designed by Černý, promised by "brutá

Cernya will design the entry collection for the 2024 Olympics, he promises it will be "brutally special" ;

Černý is close to Paris, he spent half a year there as an intern at the Louis Vuitton center. “For me, it is specific and special in that it is Paris. After four years I am returning there,” he praised. He was surprised when he received the offer after the Anděl music awards were announced last year. “I was completely shocked at the time, it seemed unbelievable to me. Tomáš Houska (the digital media manager of the WWTP) came to me. I will probably remember that moment forever,” he recalled.

The National Olympic Committee, along with clothing supplier Alpine Pro, selected him for his fresh perspective on dressing. “Honza Černý is a renowned young designer, he has everything in front of him, and we are convinced that he will do his best to ensure that we succeed at the opening ceremony of the Games in Paris. Not only so that Czech athletes feel good in the collection, but that it appeals to the world. When we talk with other countries, everyone says: Paris is the city of fashion. The opening will be on the Seine. The clothes must be extraordinary. And we certainly don't want to stand aside. We trust Honzo that he can impress,” said the chairman of the WWTP, Jiří Kejval.

< p>Černý took the creation of the entry collection as a challenge. “We have ten seconds in the most watched live broadcast in the world to capture the attention of absolutely everyone,” he noted. “The debut collection will be brutally special. During my research, I did not find a similar approach to designing either in the Czech Republic or abroad. The creation process is very intense for me. Suddenly I have to gather everything I can into one single outfit that will represent the whole country ,” he added.

In the collection, he tries to present not only clothes, but also the best of Czech design and art. It combines aesthetics and new technologies. When he studied past boarding collections used by the Czech Republic and other expeditions, he found three main groups. It can be formal clothes such as suits or suits, a more sporty style with jackets or models inspired by national costumes. “You don't mix these aspects together and you don't think outside of these boxes. We broke that. It will be something that I haven't named,” he hinted. will also use it at the Paralympics. He wants his models to be interested. “It would be a failure if it passed, nothing happened, nothing was resolved and no one wrote anything about it,” he added.