Central Park : Stanley Tucci & Daveed Diggs terrified at the idea of having to sing

Central Park : Stanley Tucci & Daveed Diggs terrifiés à l'idée de devoir chanter

Stanley Tucci and Daveed Diggs (Central Park) : “Playing women ? You need to be able to do everything as “actors”

It is this Friday, may 29-Apple TV+ that began broadcasting from Central Park, its first animated series, created by Josh Gad, and Loren Bouchard (dad from Bob’s Burgers). On this occasion, Purebreak had the chance to speak at a distance – epidemic Covid-19 forces, with the actors Stanley Tucci and Daveed Diggs, who lend their voice to the two female characters already cult.

You play as two old women in this series. How to prepare to such a role ? You could bring your own key ?

Stanley Tucci : (laughs) I really used what was in the script and I took the opportunity to experiment with different voices, and then, after a moment, the voice has found itself. But in the end, everything was already in the scenarios for me.

Daveed Diggs : I don’t remember really when I found out that I was going to play a woman (laughter). I believe that Josh Gad had asked me to do that, saying that Leslie Odom Jr. participated in the series, that Stanley was there too, and I said,’Great. I am leaving. I don’t care what you want me to do, I do‘. So I said ‘yes‘, I’ve more thought of it, he spent a lot of time until I would receive the scripts and it was there that I realized… I’ve spent time with Loren Bouchard (co-creator, editor’s note), I tried with him a different voice, I asked him what he thought and he replied each time,’Is it that you can stop and just take your normal voice ?‘ (laughter).

As actors, did you hesitate to accept these roles that could be played by actresses ? The choice of Kristen Bell to play a child metis had a little talk.

Daveed Diggs : No. It is, in my opinion, the kind of things that’s really interesting with the animation. It offers the opportunity to play on the way in which the voices are gendered. In any case, I hope that you do not spend your time thinking about this kind of things when you look at an episode of Central Park. In our time, as a society, we begin to explore how the idea of gender can be fluid as identity. There is a form of intellectual history interesting to dig : what is a voice has to do with it ? The animation is a place that, I imagine, will play more with this kind of questions.

Stanley Tucci : I agree. The animation gives you the freedom to have fun, to test a lot of things. And this is what you do as an actor. You need to be able to do everything. Regardless of the kind, it is precisely that principle of comedy.

Is it that you feel as much pleasure doing a voice for an animated series that when you are on a real film set ?

Stanley Tucci : It is in any case much easier. You do not have the obligation to apply make-up, you don’t wear costumes… (laughter). You can save your work in a few hours only per day. It is much more simple.

Daveed Diggs : Yeah, it is fun and it is easy. I like both, but it is much simpler to say ‘yes‘ to a project of animation series.

Central Park is a broadway musical. It was a challenge for you to sing ?

Stanley Tucci : For me it was a huge challenge, I was terrified. I don’t know to sing. Suddenly, I was rather relieved to see that I could talk-sing with that horrible voice (laughs).

Daveed Diggs : It’s the same thing for me, I am always terrified at the idea of singing. This is not something simple. But knowing that the creators and other players also make it a bit easier to work. And then, this is animation, so it allows you to put back a little, to release you, and they can then correct it all in post-production. A little mix of notes, of the auto-tune and it is gone !

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Season 1 of Central Park is available on Apple TV+.

Central Park : the trailer

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