Center “Vector” received a patent for a vaccine against coronavirus

Center “Vector” received a patent for a vaccine against coronavirus

Rospatent has issued documentation for the coronavirus vaccine, which was developed by the Vector Center. EpiVacCrona has been successfully tested and will appear on the market in three different modifications.


The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation began to register the drug last week, and the process will end on October 15. According to the Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology “Vector”, the Federal Institute of Industrial Property issued a patent for the drug “EpiVacCrona” from coronavirus after clinical trials. Already at the first stage, the tool showed high efficiency and allows you to develop immunity to SARS-CoV-2. Demonstrated vaccine and complete safety. The medicine is based on synthetic peptide agents. The effect lasts for about six months. It is noted that this is already the second anti-COVID-19 drug developed in Russia. The first, Sputnik-V, was registered in August.

Despite the issued patent, the creators will continue to test the novelty. Soon its effect will be tested on people over 60 years old and with chronic diseases. After that, the third stage will take place, during which placebo-controlled post-registration studies will be carried out. They plan to attract 8 thousand people in total.

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