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Les cell phones now banned in class

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Students in Quebec can no longer bring their cell phones to class. (Archive photo)

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The ban on having cell phones in class, which officially came into force on December 31, should not have too much of impacts in Bas-Saint-Laurent schools.

The majority of school administrators had already put in place, from the start of the school year, measures so that students left their devices at the entrance to classes or simply in their lockers.

In recent months, the code of conduct of each establishment has been modified to tighten the rules concerning the use of cell phones in the meeting room class.

Social worker at Paul-Hubert secondary school in Rimouski, Anne-Marie Sicotte does not expect big changes as the holiday season returns. Our students are now used to it, there will be no surprises for them!

Same story at Rivière-du-Loup secondary school. The director, Benjamin Paradis, emphasizes that the transition to banning cell phones in class went well at the start of the school year. And there is nothing to suggest that the resumption of classes in January will be any different.

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ELSE ON INFO: Catch-up from the end of January for all Quebec students who need it

When we take the time to explain the reason for a rule and it makes sense, the students get on board and it's ;is what happened with the cell phone ban in class!

A quote from Benjamin Paradis, principal of the Rivière-du-Loup secondary school

Beneficial point, according to Mr. Paradis: young people benefit now have certain moments in class to chat, rather than looking at their cell phone at the first opportunity.

In certain cases, teachers may also request an exemption so that young people can use their devices as part of educational activities.< /p>

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