Celebration or provocation? Specialists think of Succar and the controversial celebration of him in the classic

Celebration or provocation? Specialists think of Succar and the controversial celebration of him in the classic

Alexander Succar sentenced the classic in Matute with a penalty goal. However, his celebration went viral and opened a debate on social networks. Was it an unnecessary provocation?

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  • Alexander Succar: from an operation that almost removed him to the #SuccarChallenge, the gesture that is viral on networks

Celebration or provocation? Specialists think of Succar and his controversial celebration in the classic

It was Alexander Succer's first goal in a classic (Photo: Alonso Chero/GEC)

Seconds before, < /b>Alexander Succarhe fought and won a fumble on the west line of Matute's lawn. He advanced firmly before the insults and the astonished gaze of the fans who were nearby and left Yordi Vílchez, one of the most regular central defenders of Alianza Lima in the year, on the ground. Already in front of Christian Ramos, stuck in the area, he only had to feint inside to meet the defender's foot. Penal. He asked for the ball from Quina, in charge of the collections from the 12 steps in Universitario , with the confidence gained by his previous play and finished off strongly with that conviction that he forged in these years of career. Or fight. Because before sentencing the classic, the striker was about to retire due to injuries.

Therefore, Succar took the ball and ventured into that short path that has two paths to destination: heaven or hell. There were ten minutes left (17 'plus discount), Universitario won 1-0 and a missed penalty could be the fuel that Alianza needed to come back. But Alex scored. He was a hero. And then, villain. Because after scoring, he walked that fine line between celebration and provocation.

The 27-year-old attacker raised his right hand to his forehead while looking at the four stands full of blue and white fans as if asking himself: And where are they? What he found was, first, the foot of Gino Peruzzi and then the finger in the face of Paolo Hurtado . What followed, pushing and more insults, led the referee Augusto Menéndez to give him the second yellow card and send him off.

“It's really funny because I started looking for 'zapatito', who is the U prop man, and I couldn't find him, but then I said: ' Let's see this celebration, if I look everywhere? and I realized that I was in Matute, for fuck ***, but it was without bad intention”, the '9′ who reached the 'U' in 2020 defended himself and, first, he was a substitute for Jonathan dos Santos, after Alex Valera, and today he ends the doubts of the cream fans with goals: he has scored five goals this year, four of them since Valera left for Al Fateh.

Celebration or provocation? Specialists give their opinion of Succar and his controversial celebration in the clasico

The new coach of the Peruvian national team will announce this Friday the first list of those summoned for the friendly matches agreed between Mexico and El Salvador.

Celebration or provocation?

With the red one on their backs, and beyond the soccer problems that coach Carlos Compagnucci may haveto put together an eleven without a '9' for the duel against Sport Boys, a debate arose on social networks. On the one hand, the creams, incredibly protected by the same institution, made the #SuccarChallenge viral. On the other, those who felt it was a provocation, an unnecessary gesture.

Ricardo Montoya, psychologist and journalist, makes a parallel between the celebrations of Alex Succar and Messi, that day he scored 3-2 in the last minute at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and showed the shirt to the Real Madrid fans. “Certainly Messi's was not good, just as Succar's was not good either. And they were able to avoid it. But how much of this takes the spice and flavor out of football?”, he wonders.

“Does can win without being disrespectful to the rival? Of course. But it is a classic and classics are usually spicy. That Succar should have prevented it? Yes probably. But I don't know if Menéndez was right to fire him. What does seem exaggerated to me was all the hubbub that has arisen about it afterwards”, he adds.

Luis Guadalupe, a former defender who was champion with the 'U' in 1998 and in 2011 won the final against Alianza with Juan Aurich, considers that the striker was “a quiet celebration”. “Provocation is what the bar does. Everybody talks about Succar, but nobody says anything about all the kind of insults you get from the stands”, explains the ‘Cuto’ who has played several classics and some in Matute. “The referee was carried away by the incorrect attitude of certain Alianza players.”

Antenor Guerra García, author of three books that narrate and detail stories of Peruvian soccer, believes that it was “an unnecessary provocation to the Alliance supporters”. However, “it was not for a yellow card.” “One wake-up call was enough”, he points out before recalling that in a 1952 classic, Alberto Terry scored the winning goal and went to celebrate with his arm raised towards the old grandstand they occupied the blue and white fans in the right part of the west. The referee of that match, Mackenna, did not expel him, although it is necessary to point out that at that time the cards did not yet exist.

For Carlos Bejarano, a sociologist, journalist but also an Alianza Lima fan -it was the first thing he made clear in the interview-, he tries to understand what could have happened Alex's head seconds after scoring from twelve steps. “It comes from an emotionally complicated situation. When Valera left, the vast majority said that the 'U' had no replacement, it did not have a '9', there was even talk of putting Andy Polo in that position. That is, he was, in a nutshell, ignored. I understand that in this complicated situation, anger vents her at the moment of scoring.

“The problem -he adds- is that he does it in a country like ours, where according to the Honorio Delgado Institute, seven out of ten households suffer from violence . I mean, we live in a violent country. And we cannot add violence to football. He is a footballer, a benchmark of his club for the fans and he has to take into account the role that he plays in society. For example, at the end of the game, Alberto Quintero approached the Alianza players and greeted them, hugged them. That gesture should be on the front page, it's much more important than what Succar did”.

*We looked for other opinions on the matter, but the specialists preferred not to give an opinion due to their links with one or another club.