CEGEPs and universities: a possible return to the school benches

CEGEPs and universities: a possible return to the school benches

“Intensive” discussions are underway between François Legault and Dr Horacio Arruda to allow the gradual return of students to the campuses of CEGEPs and universities.

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“I am in favor of young people from CEGEP and university going to CEGEP or university at least once a week to see people,” says Mr. Legault. It is time for them to see people after 11 months. ”

On the other hand, Public Health has not yet given its approval for a return to class for the moment. The decision could come after February 8, after the planned end of the reinforced containment and curfew. “I can’t wait, but I don’t want to do it without the approval of Public Health,” said the Prime Minister.

Mr. Legault recognizes, however, that this measure risks promoting the spread of COVID-19, as with the return to class at the elementary and secondary levels. “It’s not ideal, but we consider that we are capable of taking it and that we must take it when we consider the importance of these children being in school,” he says.


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