Cecilia López warns that fishing in San Andrés must be profitable

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The Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia López, attended a meeting in San Andrés y Providencia with fishermen and farmers, this in order to evaluate alternatives in favor of of the sector

Cecilia López warns that fishing in San Andrés must be profitable

In the photo, the Minister of the Environment, Cecilia López. PHOTO: Colprensa

In recent days, the Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia López, and the President of the Rural Development Agency (ADR), Diego Bautista< /b>, visited the island of San Andrés with the aim of analyzing investment proposals in priority sectors and fishing, agricultural and rural development projects in the Archipelago.

According to Cecilia López, the day of work in San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina corresponds to a decision of the national government with the aim of reactivating the economy of the local fishing and agricultural sector.

For this reason, the minister attended a meeting with fishermen and farmers, in order to evaluate alternatives in favor of the sector.

“We are interested in fishing in San Andrés being a very profitable and very beneficial activity. We are going to look for the mechanisms so that other sectors of the Government commit to defining the rules of the game for artisanal fishing and industrial fishing”, said Minister López

The intention of the national Government is to carry out a 'modern fishing'. In this sense, López pointed out that: “deliver a system that will make artisanal fishing a modern company. We are ready to have all the institutions and infrastructure, we are going to support that process; we will go step by step as far as possible.”

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On the other hand, he expressed that the objective during his administration is for San Andrés to be a producer of food and an example of artisanal fishing. “We know the importance of coconuts for farmers and we will play an important role in their recovery”, she pointed out.

The minister also assured that the Ministry of Foreign Relations should intervene in conflict resolutionon the island, taking into account the complex relationships that exist with fishermen from the countries that are part of Central America.

On the other hand, during the day, the Banco Agrario delivered productive credits to fishermen and farmers in order to stimulate food production on the island, likewise, they were given information so that they can access the discounts offered by the financial institution.

For his part, Diego Bautista, president of the ADR, indicated that he will put all the efforts of the institution to attend to the different problems dealt with in the archipelago.

“We spoke with the governor and the institutional team, we also spoke with associations, fishermen and farmers. We listen to what has happened and from there, look at what this government can do in four years and what it can set aside for the following years in the Archipelago. We need to build solutions among all of us, not with a formula from Bogotá but from here, with the people.”

According to the local newspaper El Isleño, the officials finally stated that During the official meeting, topics for the future were discussed, “that allow us –in addition to the dialogue that took place three days ago (with a view to the National Development Plan)– bring concrete solutions. The idea is to bet on to issues in the immediate term. For example, the support for the reactivation of the San Andrés fishing terminal”, reported the newspaper.