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Equivalent efforts will be required from the English and French services of the public broadcaster.

CBC/Radio-Canada will cut hundreds of jobs

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CBC/Radio-Canada announced hundreds of layoffs on Monday.

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After TVA and BCE, it is the turn of CBC/Radio-Canada to announce significant cuts in its staff and programming.

The state-owned company announced in a press release Monday afternoon that it intends to eliminate 600 unionized and non-unionized jobs across the country over the next 12 years. month. Some 200 vacant positions will also be eliminated.

Equivalent efforts will be required from the English and French services of the public broadcaster, which cites budgetary pressures of nearly $125 million planned for the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Thus, 500 jobs will be eliminated equally by CBC and Radio-Canada. The other staff reductions will be imposed on the bilingual institutional services of the state corporation.

Difficult to say, for the moment, to what extent the news service or regional stations, for example, will be affected by Monday's announcement. Each sector will initiate these progressive cutbacks based on its business plan and operational requirements, the press release explains.

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The public broadcaster will also reduce its French and English programming budgets ahead of the next fiscal year, including nearly $40 million less for the independent productions it commissions and the shows it acquires.

This measure, he explains, will result in fewer renewals of shows, acquisitions, new television series, episodes of our existing shows and original web series.

CBC/Radio-Canada employees were called to videoconference meetings on Monday afternoon to learn from President Catherine Tait the bad news that had been circulating in the media since the weekend.

The state-owned company has just under 8,000 employees. This means that approximately 10% of staff will be affected by this major wave of cutbacks.

 Employees are dismayed and worried, reacted the president of the Union of Radio-Canada Workers (STTRC), Pierre Tousignant, Monday.

His organization, which represents approximately 3,000 employees of the state corporation in Quebec and New Brunswick, particularly deplores the lack of transparency of the corporation. x27;State.

Once again, CBC/Radio-Canada is unable to answer basic questions regarding the positions targeted, the services that will be affected and, more generally, the ability to fulfill our mandate as a public broadcaster despite the extent of the anticipated cuts, declared the STTRC by press release.

The union now believes that the state corporation will have to make choices if it wishes to ensure its fundamental mission, namely that of ensuring access to information in all regions of the country.

By wanting to be everywhere, CBC/Radio-Canada takes the risk of being nowhere, writes Pierre Tousignant. Priorities will have to be identified, he insists, without specifying which ones, for the moment.

These layoffs follow a series of similar announcements that have recently plagued the media world. TVA, Bell Media and the National Independent Information Cooperative (CN2i), to name a few, have in turn made significant staff reductions. Métro Média also declared bankruptcy this fall.

Monday's announcement comes two months after the departure of Michel Bissonnette, who acted as as senior vice-president of French services at Radio-Canada since January 9, 2017.

Catherine Tait, for her part, saw her mandate renewed until January 2025, 18 months earlier than planned last spring.

More details will follow.

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