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Catsme, this brilliant Japanese application that detects your cat's pain

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun18,2024

Here is further proof that Japan takes special care of cats. A new application dedicated to health of your adorable felines has just been created.

Catsme, this brilliant Japanese application that detects pain of your cat

the cat, anchored in Japanese heritage

Japan is one of the countries with the lowest birth rate in the world. in the world. A decline which is of great concern to the country's authorities, and which has notably prompted Tokyo City Hallàgrave; take measures for the less daring. To compensate for the lack, many Japanese men and women decide to adopt pets, and in particular cats. The country has nearly 16 million pet cats and dogs, outnumbering children under 15.

The Japanese even pay special attention to small felines. In addition to bringing good luck (the Maneki Neko, or “cat that invites”, present in businesses and homes), the cat is sacred. à through islands dedicated to it, like Cat Island, which has more cats than inhabitants, or even the inevitable bars at the beach. cats,which we see in particular at; Osaka. In short, the cat is an important element of Japanese heritage. And this new creation dedicated to their well-being is new proof.

Catsme, this brilliant Japanese application that detects your cat's pain

Catsme, the application that tells you how your cat is doing

In Japan, the start-up Carelogy and researchers from the University of Catsme Nihon have created Catsme, an application that allows you to detect if your feline has a health problem. The model is based on artificial intelligence with an algorithmic model that has learned to ; analyze the facial expressions of 6,000 felines.

Via a scan, it is possible to determine with95% accuracya pain for felines, just taking a photo of their face. This is materialized by green, yellow or red colored pellets, which appear depending on the intensity of the light. of the cat's pain.

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June 13, 2024

Can artificial intelligence know when your cat suffer? Japanese smartphone app CatsMe! claims to do just that

“Our statistics show that more than 70% of older cats suffer from arthritis or “pain, but only 2% of them are taken for treatment,” explains Professor Kazuya Edamura, member of the research team, to the Reuters news agency. /p>

230,000 users have already downloaded the application, which does not exist elsewhere Currently only in Japanese and English versions. If it is not intended to be replace an appointment with the veterinarian, it allows you to monitor your cat and avoid unnecessary travel.

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