Catherine Juvinao spoke out against the political reform: why the Green Alliance might not support the initiative

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The congresswoman explained the reasons why some representatives of the Centro Esperanza Coalition, which includes congressmen from Alianza Verde, Dignidad, Verde Oxígeno and Nuevo Liberalismo , they do not agree with the project

Catherine Juvinao spoke out against political reform: why the Green Alliance might not support the initiative

The representative to the Chamber for the Green Alliance referred to the political reform. Photo: Colprensa

After President Gustavo Petro's tax reform was approved, the political reform, another of the government's flagship projects, will now be discussed. The representative to the Chamber, Catherine Juvinao, revealed some of his concerns regarding this project and assured that if changes are not made it will not have the support of the Green Alliance.

In a press release some of the members of the Green Alliance expressed some of their positions regarding the political reform, which was approved in the Senate and will now be discussed in the House of Representatives. Congresswoman Juvinao also stated on her social networks some of the reasons why they would not have her vote.

“A Political Reform to benefit current congressmen and close the system to new leaderships, obscure campaign financing, eliminate conflicts of interest, open revolving doors for ministers-congressmen among other monstrosities, You will NOT get my vote. I'm sorry ”, assured Catherine Juvinao on her Twitter account.

Catherine Juvinao spoke out against political reform: why the Green Alliance might not support the initiative

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The parliamentarian expressed the concerns of the bench by calling on the government and the Ministry of the Interior to carry out some of the requested modifications, otherwise they will vote negatively on the bill. The document also has the signatures of congressmen Katherine Miranda, Jennifer Pedraza, Julia Miranda, Daniel Carvalho, Cristián Avendaño, Alejandro García and Carolina Giraldo.

In the letter that was released to public opinion, the members of the Verde Centro-Esperanza coalition point out that after an analysis of the articles, they consider some problematic aspects and that, “they contradict the central objectives of the reform”.

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Catherine Juvinao spoke out against political reform: why the Green Alliance might not support the initiative

The document states that the “flexibility of the dual militancy regime”, which proposes that elected congressmen can change parties without setting a deadline or can change parties two months before taking office, they consider that this, “could weaken the benches and the parties, in addition to representing the risk of defrauding the voter”.

The next point mentioned in the letter is that of the closed lists, which has generated an enormous controversy, however, from the Green Alliance they consider that in this, it is not clear what will be the mechanisms of internal democracy that the parties will use for the conformation of the lists”.

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The Greens also state that another of The points that must be taken into account in the political reform is the financing of political campaigns and in this they emphasize that the funding ceilings are eliminated, something that, “the sanction disappears loss of investiture due to violation of caps”. In addition, they highlight that this also eliminates, “the conflict of interest of the candidates vis-à-vis their private funders”.

Finally, they point out that this The bill proposes a modification to the regime of incompatibilities of congressmen, which replaces “the principle of separation of powers as axial axis of the Constitution of 91″. The Green Alliance considers that this weakens the system of checks and balances.