Catherine Deneuve received the “Golden Lion” and declared support for Ukraine

Catherine Deneuve received the “Golden Lion” and declared support for Ukraine

More than 50 years after her Venice Film Festival debut in Luis Buñuel's 1967 Belle du Jour, Catherine Deneuve receives the Golden Lion for career achievement.

Catherine Deneuve received the Golden lion

Catherine Deneuve/CLAIRE DARLING – Officiële NL trailer

“It feels like it was yesterday. It was a very important festival for me,” Deneuve said at a crowded press conference, recalling her participation in 1967, Deadline reports.

The artist took the stage with the Ukrainian flag, but said she did not want to talk about the war in Ukraine.

“I am aware of everything, like many, and therefore I wanted to wear this to the press conference, but I do not want to speak out, because the situation is getting worse and worse. My mind and my spirit are [with them] every day, but I don't have any statements.”

The actress said it was hard for her to take stock of her career.

“It's always hard to stop, to look at things as if you decided everything, that it was a decision with the future in mind, but it's never like that”, – she said.

“There are many good luck, good meetings and good decisions, and sometimes bad or if not bad, then wrong. Not everything depends on the actors, we are only part of the film. Sometimes you make good decisions, but the result is not what it should be,” added Deneuve.

The actress said that she had just completed work in a “light” French drama about the relationship between the late French President Jacques Chirac and his wife Bernadette and will soon travel to Belgium to film the English-language drama Funny Birds.

“I don't have time to look back because I look at my present and move forward&# 8221;, – said Deneuve.

Deneuve suggested that it would be easier for her to continue working in Europe than in Hollywood.

As the editors of ProShoKino reported, earlier the Venice Film Festival (Venice Film Festival) announced its program and list of participants