Catalonia will launch its own Cataverse metaverse

Catalonia will launch its own Cataverse metaverse

Catalonia will launch its own Cataverse metaverse< /p>

The government of the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia intends to turn the region into a digital hub and launch its own metaverse. Daniel Macro, head of innovation, told Cointelegraph.

In 2014, Macro led the government's Smart Catalonia initiative, overseeing the transformation of Catalonia into a «smart country». With the advent of blockchain technology and the metaverses, the official began to work on the creation «of a fully digital economy inspired by the physical world».

According to Macro, the authorities plan to launch a «Catalan metaverse».

«Cataverse will be linked to the Catalan language and culture. We want local organizations that do something in the field of culture to be able to implement it in the metaverse», he explained.

The regional capital, Barcelona, ​​will also become a hub for digital innovation, the official said. In achieving this goal, much will depend on attracting talented specialists. The government has implemented a number of programs to support talented youth, Macro said.

«We have a strong policy in place to generate talent in universities. We also often run professional development programs such as boot camps and other events as we need different specializations,” the official said.

He added that the government is trying to combine the development of new talent and attracting more «businesses with a friendly working environment».

Responding to a question about the blockchain projects that tourists can interact with in Barcelona, ​​Macro cited solutions focused on healthcare and public transport.

Recall that in March, the creation of their own cryptocurrency and the metaverse was announced at the leading football club in the region, «Barcelona».

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