Cars with front and rear wheel drive: which one to reverse?

Cars with front and rear wheel drive: which one to reverse?

Discussion about what kind of car drive is the best, the best and the cheapest in service is not noticed at the moment of release of the first front-wheel drive car. I anterior-private and posterior-private TZs may have their own prestige and shortcomings, and they themselves have been told about them.

FWD vs RWD Cars: Which Reversal?

Pluses and minuses of rear-wheel drive

Cars and everything connected with them is one of the favorite topics for human roses.

The rest are often called classic, aje, the stench appeared richly earlier than the front ones. Most supercars of the representative class (BMW, Mercedes, Infinity) can have the front-wheel drive. What is the reason for all the troubles?

At first, the rіvnomіrny rozpodіl vаgi all over the body. It became possible to think about the fact that the motor is ripped in front under the hood, and the cardan and the rear are at the back of the TK. Such a smooth rozpodіl vogi positively blends in on the way, especially on the slimy road.

In a different way, under the hood there appeared a lot of free space, which in its own right secures free access to all the head “aggregates” of the car. It is much easier to maintain technically front-wheel drive cars.

Thirdly, on kermo and lard practically do not transmit vibration. It creates maximum comfort and controllability.

Quarterly, the CV joint, which rears the wheels and the transmission, ensures better maneuverability. The wheels of the rear-wheel drive TZ turn 10-15% more. This allows you to work folded maneuvers, for example, ob'їzhdzhat TK at traffic jams and vyzhdzhati іz vshchen zapovneї parking.

Better yet, more dynamic alignment.

If there are negatives, then rear-wheel drive cars are expensive in service and more “trimmed” on a slimy road.

Front and rear wheel drive vehicles: which reverse?

Front-drive cars: “for” and “against”

Anteriorly driven TZ appeared on the market much later. The stench may be more simple and the superstructure in povnyannі z zadnyoprivіdnymi. The main advantages of such machines are as follows:

  • cheaper service and maintenance (all budget cars can be front-wheel drive); frosty weather;
  • better stability on the cold weather and the passage;
  • more free space near the saloon.

Before short, front-wheel drive cars enter:

  • there is little free space under the hood;
  • the engine transmits vibration to the kermo and in the fat, which improves comfort for an hour of driving;
  • scho often lead to skidding of the rear part on a slimy road (in this case, a sharp galvanization is fenced in, in order to turn the car off it is necessary to add gas). The stench does not add less to buyers, ale and pickers, aje, front-wheel drive is cheaper.