Carolina Sanín denounced censorship by a Mexican publisher due to her political and ideological positions

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Different Colombian journalists have come out to demonstrate in favor of the writer through their social networks

Carolina Sanín denounced censorship by a Mexican publisher due to her political and ideological positions

Photography: Instagram @carolinasaninp

The writer and journalist Carolina Sanín denounced this Saturday through her social networks that the Almadía publishing house, from Mexico, decided to cancel the publication of two of her books, “We are abysmal lights” and “Your cross in the desert sky.” According to what she noted in her Twitter thread, the company's decision would have been due to the fact that they do not share their ideological positions related to the gender issue. Some journalists and public figures in Colombia spoke out in favor of it.

“I want to tell you that @Almadia_Edit, after having bought and paid for the rights to my books “We are abysmal lights” and “Your cross in the desert sky” for Mexico, let me know today that he will not publish them due to my questions to the identity politics”, he noted on his social networks; It is important to mention that the also professor on several occasions has used her networks to tell her disagreements with some positions of some women and feminist movements.

In this sense, Sanín continued her story by noting that, indeed, this was due to his “questions regarding the dogma of gender and his pronouncements on the erasure of women”. In addition, she does not agree with this position on the part of the publisher, because she sets a negative precedent.

Carolina Sanín denounced censorship by a Mexican publisher due to her political and ideological positions

Carolina Sanín tweeted about the censorship of her books by a Mexican publisher.

The writer spoke with the magazine Semanaon the subject and explained that since March she knew that the publication was not going well because the publisher did not respond to her calls, until a couple of days ago when they contacted her to cancel the contract.

In his networks he made another comment where he said: “It is curious, because the deep discomfort that I produce has to do with the fact that I am a woman who dares to write and speak like men, with freedom and firmness. Perhaps that is indeed transphobia, and not the one that they impute to me to project their repressions on me, a scapegoat.”

After making known what happened, different journalists and colleagues They expressed their support, assuring that censorship is not the way to go and that thoughts should serve to create spaces for debate. For example, Daniel Coronell in a short message assured: “I support the writer Carolina Sanín and her right to disagree with her. As a citizen and as a journalist I am opposed to her voice and her work being silenced.”

Along the same lines, the journalist Félix de Bedout noted that the cancellation sends the wrong message, because although there are questionable positions, they are not always related to a message of hate.

“I think it is unfair and negative for the public debate to extend a net of cancellation over @SaninPazC and his books. Complex discussions feed on diverse and opposing positions. Not every strong argument (and of course refutable) is a message of hate”, trilled the journalist.

For her part, Ana Bejarano noted that she does not agree with the positions of Carolina Sanín, but that the elimination of her voice is not the way to proceed in the face of what is different .

“I don't agree with @SaninPazC's positions on gender, but I don't understand the usefulness of eliminating his voice, of running away from the debate. (One that is also taking place throughout the world). How good it would be to learn to be indignant”, Bejarano wrote.

For her part, Margarita Rosa de Francisco mentioned: “There is nothing more effective to give more power to the work and ideas of an author than to ban and burn his books. The beautiful work of @SaninPazC no longer depends on obsolete practices like that; not even of herself. She goes alone”.

Furthermore, Beto Corales, the Petrista influencer pointed out his solidarity with the writer: “All the support and solidarity to a brilliant human being like @SaninPazC”.