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The actress Carmen villalobos who recently lives in Miami (United States) with her husband Sebastián Caicedo, is one of the actresses most remembered for having participated in different productions in her native country, Colombia. He has also been part of some Telemundo soap operas, such as “Café con aroma de mujer”.

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But it is also important to note that Carmen villalobos she has starred in “Without breasts there is no paradise” and “The Lord of the Skies”, in which her husband also participated Sebastian Caicedo. He has also had roles in “My heart insists with Lola Volcano”; “An eye for an eye”, among other productions. The last one has been “Woman-fragranced coffee”, where he got his first antagonist.

One of the characteristics of the Colombian actress is that she has always known how to show great naturalness when playing her characters. An example of this is that in the telenovela “Café, con aroma de mujer”, Carmen villalobos She plays the villain Lucía Sanclemente, a new facet for her, which is why she had to work a little more on her character to perform it perfectly.

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The novel is an adaptation of the production that bore the same name in 1994. It tells the story of a coffee picker named Gaviota (Laura Londoño), and one of the members of the most powerful families in the coffee growing sector, Sebastián (William Levy). Both will have to overcome various obstacles to be together, one of them being the relationship of interest that Lucía has (Carmen villalobos) with the protagonist.

“Woman-fragranced coffee”Begins when Gaviota and his mother arrive at Hacienda Casablanca to pick up the coffee from the second harvest of the year with the hope that it will be the last time they make this trip, because they seek to be owners of their own land. However, fate has other plans for them.


After several long months in which the actress participated in the soap opera “Café con aroma de mujer”, these were reasons enough for the Colombian artist to decide to take a well-deserved vacation after finishing this production.

For now she is enjoying her family but is already thinking about her next projects that will be just as successful as the ones she has worked on.

On the other hand, according to the portal ellaeonline the actress earned 18 thousand dollars a month each month and another 10 thousand were destined for when she was on vacation.


When the remake of the successful Colombian soap opera was announced, it was stated that the protagonists would be two actors acclaimed by the public, but their names were not specified. Most thought one of them would be Villalobos, but great was the surprise when it turned out to be the antagonist. In this regard, the protagonist Laura Londoño commented:

I did the casting, I stayed, I was excited but I didn’t say anything. At some point, Telemundo announced that Coffee was going to be made and that they already had the protagonists. There will be William Levy, who works at Telemundo, there will be Carmen Villalobos, who works at Telemundo, and already, he mentioned his two darlings from Telemundo”.


Carmen Villalobos has more than 17 million followers on her Instagram account, a social network where she always shares her dances, even accompanied by her husband, Sebastián Caicedo; as well as other beautiful stories from his life and career.

She tells in the interview with the magazine “Aló”, that due to her character Lucía Sanclemente, many people usually tell me through networks that they hate her, but she is grateful because she feels that she fulfilled the objective of the role.

“I am not a self-centered actress and to tell the truth I am infinitely grateful for any correction you make to me on set. And I think that joint work with the film crew made the character shine. People usually tell me through networks that they ‘hate me’, and I think that at this point there is no better compliment than that, because I know that I achieved my task: to be the antagonist of Café ”, he said.


The full name of the artist was revealed during the television program “The Suso’s Show.” When she made her entry, the presenter called her Yorley del Carmen Villalobos Barrios, leaving everyone speechless.

It was there that he said that he decided to eliminate, for the public, his first name on the recommendation of director Mario Rivero, who proposed to change it, since the real one was very difficult and people could not learn it.

“Everyone in my house calls me Yorly. When I started working it was Yorley Villalobos, but people never learned it, they said to me: ‘Hello Yerley’, ‘Hello Yurley’ ”. So he told me: ‘Don’t you have another name? I just feel like it costs people a bit’ and I said to him: ‘Carmen’ and he replied: ‘That’s it! Carmen Villalobos’ ”, he indicated.

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