Carlos Zeballos is the Integrity and Development candidate for the presidency of Congress

Carlos Zeballos is the Integrity and Development candidate for the presidency of Congress

This is the fourth applicant in the running. The others are Guido Bellido (Free Peru), José Luis Elías Ávalos (Podemos Perú) and Luis Aragón (Popular Action).

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Carlos Zeballos is the candidate of Integrity and Development for the presidency of Congress

Carlos Zeballos Madariaga came to Congress with Acción Popular. (Photo: Congreso)

This Saturday, September 10, the Integrity and Development caucus presented Carlos Zeballos, a former member of Acción Popular and now a member of said parliamentary group, as a candidate for the presidency of Parliament.

Through an official letter sent to the senior official of the Legislative Power by the head spokesperson of said caucus, Flor Pablo, Zeballos Madariaga, the fourth candidate in the race, was presented.

< p itemprop="description" class="story-contents__font-paragraph">It should be noted that the other applicants are Guido Bellido (Perú Libre), José Luis Elías Ávalos (Podemos Peru) and Luis Aragón (Popular Action).

The Board of Spokespersons of the Congress of the Republic convened a plenary session, in which the new head of Parliament will be elected for this Monday, September 12, after Lady Camones (Alliance for Progress).

Furthermore, it was established that the deadline for submitting candidacies will be Sunday 11 at 10 a.m. the morning, exactly 24 hours before the election is held, in accordance with the provisions of the Congress regulations.

The Congress of Last Monday, the Republic censured its president, Lady Camones, after the broadcast of an audio in which the leader of the Alliance for Progress, César Acuña, was asked to expedite the approval of a bill that would favor him electorally.

The decision was taken with 61 votes in favor, 47 against and 5 abstentions. After that, the first vice president of Parliament, Martha Moyano, declared Camones vacant and announced that it will proceed in accordance with article 12 of the Congress regulations.

Camones Soriano, who had been in office for less than a month and a half, became the second president of Congress to be censured. The first was Martha Hildebrandt in 2000.