Carlos Soria: “I want to show that older people continue with illusions”

Carlos Soria: "I want to show that older people continue with illusions"

Carlos Soria is 82 years old and has a backpack full of illusions. Especially that of returning this spring to Dhaulagiri (8,167m), one of the two eight thousand, together with the Shisha Pangma (8,013m), that remain to complete the collection of the 14 highest mountains on the planet and become the person of older in this select group. A special mountain. For all the times it has resisted him (up to 10 times he has stepped on its snow), because his friend Pepe Garcés died there and because, in times of pandemic, he wants to dedicate the promotion to the elderly.

“I have countless records. Eleven mountains of more than 8,000 meters with more than 60 years. I have climbed K2 and I have come down in very bad weather at 65. I have done Annapurna at 77 years old, the most dangerous mountain in the world. But the record that I am happiest with is that of my 68 years of mountaineering I have never had to be taken off a mountain, I have always gone out alone. And I've never had a frostbite. All of that is just common sense. And now I want to go to Dhaulagiri, I want to go to Dhaulagiri . I want to show that older people continue to have many illusions, many will to live. We have had a very bad time and there are people I want to encourage to continue wanting to live. Let's try. I have already lost a year to the pandemic and I don't want to lose another. We need a sponsor. I am 82 years old and at risk age, but I am a lifelong mountaineer. I want to try to finish my project ”, says Carlos Soria in a video.

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