Carlos Sainz: “This hurts. I think about the one that would have gotten involved if I won”

Carlos Sainz: “This hurts. I think about the one that would have gotten involved if I won”

“It is incredible that I am half disappointed,” says the Spaniard just before climbing in Monza to the second podium of his life.

Carlos Sainz:

It was the day, he knew it. As soon as he crossed the finish line, he confessed to his engineer by radio: “So close, but at the same time so far … One more lap, just one more lap.” Carlos Sainz brushed past his first F1 victory on an emotional Sunday at Monza. “It is incredible that I am half disappointed with second place,” he said just before taking the second podium of his life. Despondency, the product of ambition, mixed with joy, the daughter of logic. After getting out of the car and congratulating Pierre Gasly, there was still no light in his eyes. On his way to the podium, as soon as he received the hugs from his mechanics, he was able to smile frankly.

The bitter aftertaste accompanied Sainz yesterday until he went to sleep. “Now it hurts, because I think about the one that would have been involved if I win, but I am also clear that I left everything on the track,” he confessed to his father online. The four tenths delivered at the goal still haunted his head. Also the message sent to Tom Stallard , with two laps to go to the checkered flag, when his engineer simply asked him to calm down. I want this victory, Tom.

He did not win by four tenths. A margin as narrow as it was exciting was the pursuit of the last 10 laps. Gasly had benefited from the red flag, triggered by the Charles Leclerc accident. A summary measure, unusual in the recent history of F1. And quite a trick for Carlos, who until then was running second behind Lewis Hamilton and had amassed a juicy lead to secure the podium.

“The strongest car after Mercedes”

In truth everything, except the decision of the race director, Michael Masi , was perfect for the McLaren leader. He started very solid from the third box, beating Valtteri Bottas and completed a great first relay before the safety car caused by the fault of Kevin Magnussen . “I know I had the strongest car after the Mercedes,” he admitted into Movistar's microphones. His second-place stamp, with Lando Norris behind, brought to mind the golden days of Ron Dennis .

In addition, the Woking mechanics kept a steady hand at the first stop, while the engineers did detect the ban that Mercedes did not respect. Hamilton was banished to last place after entering with the pit lane closed. Even after the highlight, from sixth place, with the medium tire too cold, there were chances of victory. Which is why he outplayed Lance Stroll And then to Kimi Raikkonen . “I didn't make a mistake and I finished to four tenths.” Again the fateful figure.

Monza, with 98 years of history and 70 editions of the Italian GP in tow, was suddenly stained with young blood. Gasly, 24, maintained his advantage against the harassment of Sainz, 26. The podium, one of the most tender in the history of Formula 1, was to be completed by Stroll, with only 21.

The Ferrari debacle

The Temple of Speed, freed from the irritating tyranny of the Silver Arrows, was home to one of the most exciting races in recent memory. Alpha Tauri became the only team, outside of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, to taste champagne since 2013. Their previous victory, then under the name Toro Rosso, dated back to 2008, with Sebastian Vetttel at the wheel. How it rained that day in Monza.

Those distant times for the future four-time world champion, now relegated to a terrible decline at Ferrari. Yesterday's image of Seb rolling over the cork protections is the metaphor of a Scuderia doomed into the abyss. Vettel crossed the Rettifilo Variant without brakes and Leclerc crashed into the barriers in the Parabolica. Another double zero for the people of Mattia Binotto . Precisely the day that Sainz, the pilot called to put some sanity in that madhouse, convinced the most skeptical Ferraristas . While Binotto canceled his appointments with the press at the last minute, Carlos's communication team added another call to his agenda. Those are also the differences that often separate successes from failures.

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