Carlos Compagnucci: “The only loser in Alex Valera's situation is going to be the club”

Carlos Compagnucci: “The only loser in Alex Valera's situation is going to be the club”

The coach of Universitario de Deportes referred to the case of the striker, who is wanted by Al Fateh and did not play this Sunday against Carlos Stein

Carlos Compagnucci: “The only loser in the Alex Valera situation is going to be the club”

Carlos Compagnucci referred to the subject of Alex Valera. (Photo: Violeta Ayasta/GEC)

The situation of Alex Valera continues to be an issue pending resolution. The forward from Universitario de Deportes has an offer from Al Fateh, from Saudi Arabia, and it is uncertain whether the transfer will take place. On the subject, the coach of the cream team, Carlos Compagnucci, spoke.

“The only one harmed in the Alex Valera's situation is going to be the club, if the player leaves, we lose a great '9′”, the Argentine declared this Sunday, after the victory (2-0) over Carlos Stein, for the third day of the Closing Tournament of League 1, at the Monumental Stadium.

“If he stays and is not with his head in the game, he does not add us either, I need to close the topic here and not lose the focus of the equipment. I hope it is the best for everyone. The team responded very well to this situation we are going through”, added Compagnucci, who did not consider Valera in the list of summoned for the match against the Lambayecan cast.

The 53-year-old strategist also took time to highlight the group's attitude and, of course, the work of Alexander Succar. “I am satisfied with the attitude of the team. I have nothing to reproach anyone with. Succar played a good game”, he commented.

Shortly before the match began, the one who spoke was Manuel Barreto, director University sports. “Sportingly, we do not accept Valera's transfer at this time. If the transfer can be given so that he joins his club three months from now, there is no problem, but sportingly we have Alex”, he sentenced.

While awaiting news on the Valera case, Universitario reached seven points, thanks to its victory, and moved two behind the leader Alianza Lima. The goals were scored by Hernán Novick and Rodrigo Vilca.