Carla Moreau: the candidate reveals a photo of her before, she is unrecognizable

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Carla Moreau: the candidate reveals a photo of her before, she is m’ knowable

Carla Moreau has just published a photo of her when she was younger. At the time, she was not blonde and that changes!

It’s during the Marseillais South Africa season that Carla Moreau started reality TV. Very quickly, she stood out from the new candidates. It must be said that his love story withKevin Guedjwas more than put forward in this adventure. Just like in those that followed elsewhere. Viewers were then able to follow the evolution of their relationship, which was punctuated by ups and downs. They were also able to attend Ruby's birth and their wedding. But for a few months, the couple is no longer relevant. They divorced!

If they divorced, it’s for many reasons that they didn’t wish to reveal. But between them, things hadn't been going well for a while. So when Belle revealed to everyone that she had slept with Kevin Guedj on the set of The Battle of the Clans, it was the straw that broke the camel's back for Carla Moreau . The beautiful blonde has therefore decided to leave Kevin Guedj. And since then, everyone has lived at home, sharing custody of little Ruby.

Carla Moreau reveals herself to be younger

Since Ruby was born, Carla Moreau is very close to her daughter. Moreover, Internet users are always impressed to see how much mother and daughter look alike at the same age. But this time on Instagram, Carla Moreau did not post a photo of her as a child, but more when she was a teenager. At the time, she was not blonde, but brunette. And the least we can say is that things are changing! Incidentally, Carla asked netizens if they recognized him in this photo