Carla Bruni: “There are only two things that are really important: love and death”

Carla Bruni: “There are only two things that are really important: love and death”

Carla Bruni fills her first album in seven years with songs about love. Which is not the same as Sarkozy, but it looks like him …

Carla Bruni:

“Much desire to live.” According to Carla Bruni that is what is on her new album ( titled with her name ), the first with her own songs that she has published since Little French songs (2013).

It's been 18 years since the former top model became a singer. It has not gone bad: it has sold 3.5 million records. “I don't know what the secret of my music is,” he tells us from his home in Paris. 'Maybe it's not trendy music. Mine is classical music in a sense, old music.

What flies over all his new work is love, present in titles such as A great love or I want love. «Love moves me. I think that in the end, there are only two things in life that are truly important: love and death . Success, wealth and luck matter … But love and death are what really counts, ”he says on the other end of the phone.

His love is called Nicolas Sarzoky, although during this interview he never said his name. She always refers to him as “my man . I'm doing great with my man, I'm lucky. But I knock on wood, because I am very superstitious. When I was young I did not know that love was the most important thing. I found love when I was 40 years old, when I didn't even expect it anymore . I fell in love and married, as a teenager with Prince Charming.

It was 2008 when their lives crossed. Sarkozy was 53 years old, President of France, emerging from a tumultuous divorce from his second wife. “We met at a dinner with friends. It was love at first sight », explains the singer. «Very soon I realized that he was the man of my life. He is a person who does not wait, who does not doubt, who throws himself . I was impressed and surprised a lot from the beginning, because I am shy and lonely.

They have been together for 13 years now. And so happy. «I'm not tired of him at all, and I hope he is not tired of me either. I don't think it is, the truth is, it is always very intense. Time has passed quickly, that's what worries me. But our love is always alive . In addition, on several occasions, the last one just a few weeks ago, the Italian has warned that if Sarkozy cheated on him, he would cut his neck.

He assures that he does not share all of Sarkozy's political ideas, but that does not seem to be an inconvenience for their relationship. «My husband likes to argue, he is not someone who needs to be surrounded by people who agree with him on everything. He's a democrat, he likes debate . I don't agree with all his policies, but I agree with his way of acting, with his energy, with the passion that he puts into everything he does. He is like that, in politics and abroad.

Sarko , for his part, doesn't seem tired either. During the confinement he has finalized his memoirs, an 800-page book in which he praises his wife and her role as first lady. «It was very interesting, I had extraordinary moments and I met some great people. But the truth is that I'm glad that this period has passed: it was a lot of tension, a lot of responsibility, you couldn't make mistakes. And I am a singer, I write songs and play the guitar ».

Bruni is now 52 years old, but she is splendid, as the video accompanying Quelque chose attests. «I don't like the passage of time, but what can I do, I try to accept it. The truth is that I hate time, it seems rude to me, it seems cruel to me . I make a lot of effort to try to keep time on my waist: I don't eat, I don't drink alcohol, now I don't smoke anymore … And sometimes I wonder if it's worth so much effort ».

-Some photos came out that showed that he got a bit out of hand with botox .

-I don't use botox. It doesn't look young, it looks strange. If there was something that looked young, I would wear it right now.

While Sarkozy gave his memories, Carla Bruni passed the confinement with a lot of anguish, very worried about her mother, 91 years old, and her aunt, 95. She also took the opportunity to work, composed 15 songs and apologized a thousand times for a video released in March in which he mocked the coronavirus and pretended to cough at a fashion show.

«I was stupid, I am extremely ashamed and I apologize. Anyway, I love jokes. It comes from my father, he used to make hilarious jokes . One time we were sitting in a cafe in New York and he had a croissant, he walked up to a very elegant lady and politely said 'Excuse me?' while dipping his croissant in his coffee. But these times do not allow such jokes, they are misunderstood, You have to be careful and be quiet.

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