Carla Bruni posts adorable photos of her daughter Giulia Sarkozy, who turns 9

Carla Bruni posts adorable photos of her daughter Giulia Sarkozy, who turns 9

Little Giulia Sarkozy is already 9 years old … The opportunity for her mother, Carla Bruni, to send her a nice message.

These last days, it is everywhere, on all the TV shows and all the magazines! Carla Bruni is enthusiastically promoting her sixth album, simply titled Carla Bruni . On Italian television (the time of an interview during which Nicolas Sarkozy is encrusted ) or at Catherine Ceylac, to which she confessed to having already been attracted by women , the artist defends this record in which she sings the love, evoking both her husband and her son Aurélien who now lives far from her . Concerning his daughter Giulia , born in 2011 after her marriage to the former President of the Republic, Carla Bruni is more discreet,never revealing his face on social media. But on Monday, October 19, the mother made a small exception …

Adorable family photos unveiled
It must be said that this Monday is not a day like the others: Giulia Sarkozy celebrates her ninth birthday. The opportunity for Carla Bruni to send him a nice message, as she had already done in 2018, then unveiling an adorable video . This time, it is not one but six images that the former model revealed on her Instagram account . We see the blonde tenderly embraced by her mother on a video, then by her father on a photo, but also playing in an armchair or in a swimsuit. Once again, the little girl’s face is not shown, only internet users will be able to see that Giulia inherited her mother’s feline look and already sports gorgeous blonde hair.

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