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Caribou: the postponement of the protection plan is qualified as

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Earlier this fall, the Trudeau government suggested that its patience would soon run out. (Archive photo)

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Quebec's postponement of the caribou habitat protection strategy forester and mountain man reacts in the region.

Pressed by Ottawa, the provincial government was to deliver its strategy in June 2023. The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) is now five years late on this issue, since it took power.

The co-spokesperson for the Chic-Chocs Mountains Protection Committee, Louis Fradette, says he no longer believes in it.

Our reaction is like that of many people who follow us on social media. They find it shameful. They find it terrible to receive a response like that. It's a mess, it's unacceptable, inadmissible.

A quote from Louis Fradette, co-spokesperson for the Mont-Chic-Chocs Protection Committee

He denounces the fact that Quebec has, among other things, justified the postponement of the protection strategy through forest fires.

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Here in Gaspésie, there have been no fires. This is not a valid reason, it’s ridiculous. Let them take action to protect the caribou of Gaspésie, he demands.

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Louis Fradette, co-spokesperson for the Chic-Chocs Mountains Protection Committee, affirms that the caribou is an important symbol for Gaspésie and that its disappearance would be very unfortunate for biodiversity. (File photo)

The Chic-Chocs Mountains Protection Committee no longer has confidence in Quebec to act on the matter. Among other actions, he undertook to write to the federal Minister of the Environment, Steven Guilbault, so that he applies the law on species at risk. This law allows Ottawa to intervene when a province does not act to protect a threatened species.

They were quite patient. They asked the provincial to act. He doesn't act. […] It seems like they want to get rid of the problem. It is now up to the federal government to act, believes Mr. Fradette.

For his part, the prefect of Haute-Gaspésie says don't be surprised.

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The prefect of the MRC of La Haute-Gaspésie, Guy Bernatchez, affirms that he will be very vigilant regarding the mitigation measures that will be put forward by the government when submitting its strategy. (Archive photo)

It seems that we are becoming resigned to this kind of news, says Guy Bernatchez.

He explains that he expected it a little, given all the issues involving the provincial government and which are making headlines this fall.

We can't wait for this strategy to really be made public, but I hope that it is not drowned out by other news at level of the media world, because it will be very important for the future in terms of the measures that will be put in place, says Mr. Bernatchez.

The Minister of the Environment, Benoît Charrette, plans to table the strategy in mid-January.

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