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Researcher Greta Bauer is concerned about deliberate misinterpretation.

Care for young transgender people: Higgs' misinterpretation of data denounced

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Greta Bauer says her research shows that even after waiting nine months on average for an appointment with a specialist, 40% of young people do not move forward with treatments at that appointment.


A researcher denounces the erroneous interpretation and use made by New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs of his research on care gender-affirming care.

Gender-affirming care may include, for example, treatments that add or block hormones, as well as surgeries.

In an end-of-year interview, Blaine Higgs said he was worried about access – too easy according to him – to affirming care for gender by children.

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The Premier of New Brunswick during an end-of-year interview on Radio-Canada at the end of December.

In Canada, about 60% of children receive puberty blockers after just one consultation with a doctor, the Prime Minister said in an interview on Radio -Canada.

He was also quoted by The Canadian Press as saying 60% of children receive automatic confirmation and are put on hormone therapy.

Researcher Greta Bauer said its study, published in 2021, indicates that 60% of young patients were prescribed medication during their first appointment with a hormone specialist.

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However, it specifies that to obtain an appointment, young people had to first consult an average of 2.7 health professionals and that the average waiting time for the first appointment with a specialist was 269 days from from the date they were referred.

In addition, before obtaining hormonal treatment, young patients had to obtain a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, says Greta Bauer.

It makes me really sad when people misinterpret, deliberately or not, our research results. And I'm increasingly concerned about deliberate misinterpretation.

A quote from Greta Bauer, Researcher

Greta Bauer is a professor of family medicine at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine and has worked for 17 years at Western University in Ontario, where she led a research chair in sex and gender.

She stated that his research had been misinterpreted in the past and used to draw false conclusions about how easy it was to take hormone therapy.

Politicization means that our work is increasingly taken out of context and has been, you know, tweeted around the world or shared in problematic ways, she said. This bothers me.

Based on reporting by CBC's Hadeel Ibrahim

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